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The ISA is lucky to host a master of comedy for a FREE teleconference! Peter Mehlman will discuss different types of humor and various comedy genres, how to find the humor in a situation, what he learned from working with Larry David on Seinfeld, how he cultivates his own creativity and develops ideas, the importance of outside interests and enjoying your own projects, and more.
Regular Registration:04/26/14Class Begins:04/26/14

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Q & A with Robert McKee (ISA Sponsored)
For over 25 years, Robert McKee's Story Seminar has been the world's ultimate writing class for over 50,000 screenwriters, filmmakers, TV writers, novelists, industry executives, actors, producers, directors and playwrights. 
Date Recorded: 02/25/12
The ISA is pleased to present John Truby exclusively as he tackles this 2012's Oscar-nominated scripts - the winners, the losers, why some scripts are nominated, why others aren't and more. Mr. Truby hopes to get you to look under the surface, to see the structural decisions these Oscar-nominated writers made in creating their scripts.
Date Recorded: 02/16/13


SILVER BITELA AGENCY We strive to bring the finest representation to our clients. If you don’t stop believing, we won’t stop pitching. The Indie Gathering Filmmakers, writers, actors, stunt people, special effects, makeup artists  Lionsgate A leading global entertainment company with a diversified presence in motion picture production and distribution, television programming and syndication, home entertainment. Big Bear Lake Int'l Film Festival Presenting the emerging talents of independent filmmakers and screenwriters Northeast of Paris Film Commission Providing location services and permits for filmmakers looking to shoot northeast of Paris Los Angeles Reel Film Festival Seeking out and awarding independent filmmakers and writers who demonstrate exceptional achievement in craft and creativity, particularly those that might not receive the recognition they deserve. The Artists Colony T h e A r t i s t s' C o l o n y was established in 1996 at UNIVERSAL PICTURES and has been recognized as one of the country's foremost independent film incubators for more than 13 years. Paramount Studios The year 2012 marks an exceptional milestone for Paramount Pictures - our 100th year in show business. Though this extraordinary accomplishment makes Paramount one of America's oldest motion picture companies, there have been no signs of slowing down, and Paramount and its movies are stronger than ever. From visionary epics to heart-wrenching romances to blockbuster franchises, all created by the best talent and filmmakers in the business, Paramount has set the standard in cinema for a century and continues to deliver the highest caliber of entertainment to audiences worldwide. New York State Governors Office Our office is your liaison with city and local governments, state agencies, a network of statewide contacts, local film offices and professional location scouts. Film Services Office, Create Hong Kong Promoting the development of the Hong Kong film industry, especially films with martial arts and / or special effects & pyrotechnics PEN America The worldwide association of writers, was founded in 1921 to promote friendship and intellectual cooperation among writers everywhere; to emphasize the role of literature in the development of mutual understanding and world culture; to fight for freedom of expression; and to act as a powerful voice on behalf of writers harassed, imprisoned, and sometimes killed for their views. PollyGrind of Las Vegas An underground film festival highlighting new filmmakers Screen Flanders Offering financial support to audiovisual productions that spend part of their budget within the Flanders Region, receiving up to 400,00 euros, co-producing with local filmmakers Janna Communications An educational media company specializing in children’s programming, documentary and film production, and literary services. Edmonton International Film Festival Feauturing cinematic gems (shorts, features, and documentaries) Julien Dubuque International Film Festival The Julien Dubuque International Film Festival opens doors. We foster the development of film arts by providing educational opportunities for students of all ages; through presenting powerful arts and social enrichment/entertainment events; and by showcasing the unique character of the Dubuque community. The festival works to improve quality of life in our area, to promote cultural awareness and to help the community become informed about events, politics and social conditions around the globe. We also aim to create an environment for economic growth by attracting residents and visitors alike to our events in Dubuque. Morgan Creek Productions Founded in 1988, Morgan Creek remains one of the leading independent production companies in the film business today. The Film Foundation - Film Preservation AIMS TO GUARD PIC INTEGRITY - The picture may speak a thousand words, but even a million words may not be enough for Hollywood's creative artists to change seemingly invulnerable copyright laws. Banyan Productions Each original program is produced with the same mission: form a physical reaction in the viewer/user by distilling the authentic reality we capture into an entertaining true story. STEIN AGENCY (THE)

5125 Oakdale Avenue

Woodland Hills, CA 91364-3631  

(818) 594-8990

Lady Filmmakers Film Festival More than just an international women's film festival in Los Angeles. We promote the collaboration between women and men. Get access to industry professionals happy to help you! Davis Film Festival To celebrate independent film and filmmakers from around the world and our own backyard. INTERNATIONAL CREATIVE MGMT.

The agency represents creative and technical talent in the fields of motion picture, television, books, music, live performance, branded entertainment, and new media.

UNITED TALENT AGENCY, INC. UTA operates exclusively by referral and does not accept unsolicited material or solicitations of any kind.  Universal Studios Location and Production Services has successfully supported some of Hollywood’s biggest films, top network television shows, commercials, print, reality and news programs. Moondance International Film Festival Entertaining, informing, inspiring, educating, and encouraging artists who increase awareness, provide multiple viewpoints, address complex social issues, and strenthen ties between int'l audiences
Ended: 04/30/13 Feature "After a storm destroys her small farm, killing her mother and father, an adolescent girl is sent off on a journey of survival." Can you ... Final Deadline: 04/30/13 Ended: 05/15/13 Submit an original one-minute monologue. From comedy to drama and everything in between, it can be whatever you want - just make sure it's ... Final Deadline: 05/15/13 Ended: 05/15/13 Feature , TV Pilot To find fresh new writing voices to present to the production companies and studios Extreme Screenwriting contracts with for coverage. Final Deadline: 05/15/13 Ended: 05/31/13 Short DC Shorts is proud to present a different kind of screenwriting competition. A panel of judges consisting of filmmakers, screenwriters, and ... Final Deadline: 05/31/13 Ended: 06/01/13 Short TheFilmSchool’s mission is to elevate the art of cinematic storytelling through intensive training in screenwriting and directing. Final Deadline: 06/01/13 Ended: 06/01/13 Feature Whether you have a contained thriller or a big effects-driven horror film, WE WANT TO READ YOUR SCREENPLAY. Final Deadline: 06/01/13 Ended: 06/01/13 Feature , TV Pilot Whether you have a teleplay or feature screenplay, AFF looks for a strong original voice. From the indie to the mainstream, we strive to ... Final Deadline: 06/01/13 Ended: 06/03/13 TV Pilot Enter the 6th Annual FOX-NYTVF Comedy Script Contest and submit your script for an original half-hour comedy TV series. 25 Finalists will ... Final Deadline: 06/03/13 Ended: 06/05/13 Feature , TV Pilot The Fresh Voices Pitch Contest affords aspiring writers the opportunity to turn great ideas into salable screenplays through experienced ... Final Deadline: 06/05/13 Ended: 06/15/13 Feature Formed in 2001, Screamfest is one of the leading festivals of its kind and many of the movies and moviemakers showcased here have found ... Final Deadline: 06/15/13 Ended: 06/20/13 Feature , TV Pilot , Short With a prize package worth over $30,000 in cash & prizes the CWA's mission is to discover talented screenwriters, and help them garner the ... Final Deadline: 06/20/13 Ended: 07/18/13 Feature The mission of the Big Star Screenwriting Competition is to discover the best unproduced screenplays and to recognize the finest talent and ... Final Deadline: 07/18/13 Ended: 07/25/13 Feature , TV Pilot , Short The Grand Prize Winner will be flown to the 2013 AUSTIN Film Festival to have their screenplay read by professional actors. PLUS, you will ... Final Deadline: 07/25/13 Ended: 07/31/13 Feature , TV Pilot Big Break is an annual, global screenwriting contest designed to launch the careers of aspiring writers with over $80,000 in cash, prizes, ... Final Deadline: 07/31/13 Ended: 08/01/13 Short From page to production, from production to profession, the Brownfish Short Film Festival NYC seeks bold, creative, new voices in filmmaking ... Final Deadline: 08/01/13 Ended: 08/07/13 Short Ready to hear your words read by actors in front of a live audience! Or even better, how about seeing your script brought to life on the big ... Final Deadline: 08/07/13 Ended: 08/14/13 Feature , Short We’re here to promote the art of screenwriting and filmmaking in the world of sports and competition. Whether it is a dramatic or comedic ... Final Deadline: 08/14/13 Ended: 08/15/13 Feature Now in its 6th year, The Just Effing Entertain Me Screenwriting Competition’s grand prize winners get flown to LA, where they receive ... Final Deadline: 08/15/13 Ended: 08/25/13 Feature The Internet Movie Logline Creator (IMLC) gives writers a template and resources for building a short, pitchy logline, one of the toughest ... Final Deadline: 08/25/13 Ended: 09/04/13 Feature The contest's aim is to seek out and encourage compelling film narratives, and to introduce the next generation of great screenwriters to ... Final Deadline: 09/04/13 Ended: 09/07/13 Feature The Ohio Independent Screenplay Awards are presented by Independent Pictures, producers of the Ohio Independent Film Festival. The mission ... Final Deadline: 09/07/13 Ended: 10/01/13 Feature ScreenCraft is looking for the best comedy screenplays of the year - whether broad or niche comedy, we are looking for fresh voices and ... Final Deadline: 10/01/13 Ended: 10/11/13 TV Pilot , Short , Web Series Together with a partner brand (KIA Motors & BNP Paribas last year), the Cristal Festival organizes an international Screenwriting Contest to ... Final Deadline: 10/11/13 Ended: 10/15/13 Celebrating the Writers and Creators of new groundbreaking ideas for TV today, the Reality TV Format Awards brings focus to the newest ... Final Deadline: 10/15/13 Ended: 10/18/13 Feature , Short Open Curtain would like to read stories from you. We know there are good writers that have an interesting story to tell the world, and would ... Final Deadline: 10/18/13 Ended: 10/30/13 Feature , Short Conceived to promote understanding of African life through screenplays and documentary projects and to create greater international ... Final Deadline: 10/30/13 Ended: 10/31/13 Feature The High Concept Screenplay Competition welcomes all genres and aims to discover, honor and reward different approaches, eclectic points of ... Final Deadline: 10/31/13 Ended: 11/07/13 Feature , TV Pilot , Short Fresh Voices offers winning screenwriters the tools, guidance and opportunity to pursue a professional career, while offering the industry a ... Final Deadline: 11/07/13 Ended: 11/15/13 Short To find a short script to produce and add to production company's slate of films. Final Deadline: 11/15/13 Ended: 11/18/13 Feature The KAIROS PRIZE, now in its 9th season, is one of the most successful competitions in the country with one of the highest winner to ... Final Deadline: 11/18/13 Ended: 11/29/13 Feature , TV Pilot , Web Series Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition is brought to you by the International Screenwriters’ Association. 4th Season with NEW ... Final Deadline: 11/29/13 Ended: 12/15/13 Feature , Short We have $5000 in prizes. Our main prizes include, a weekend workshop with Robert McKee, Inktip's Summit Event, and The Great American ... Final Deadline: 12/15/13 Ended: 12/15/13 Feature , Short The WFA Festival focuses on the diversity of independent film, and offers an exciting mixture of film genres, viewpoints and subjects in ... Final Deadline: 12/15/13 Ended: 12/15/13 Short , Play Words on Screen is an international scriptwriting competition where students and writers can register scripts to three categories: Short ... Final Deadline: 12/15/13 Ended: 12/15/13 Feature ScreenCraft is looking for the best action/thriller screenplays of the year - we are looking for fresh voices, characters and concepts. Our ... Final Deadline: 12/15/13 Ended: 12/31/13 Feature To promote any comedy themed screenplays and expose winners to industry professionals. * Cash prizes. * Endorsed by ScreenplayContests.com * ... Final Deadline: 12/31/13 Ended: 12/31/13 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play The Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest is an international screenwriting competition dedicated to discovering and showcasing the work of the ... Final Deadline: 12/31/13 Ended: 12/31/13 Short Kansas City Women in Film and Television created this contest to support and promote female written scripts. For the 3rd year in a row one ... Final Deadline: 12/31/13 Ended: 01/10/14 Feature , Play There are only a few dozen prestigious, reputable competitions. But which screenplay from among the winners of all of these quality ... Final Deadline: 01/10/14 Ended: 01/15/14 Feature , TV Pilot With this first-annual fellowship, we aim to cultivate a growing community of talented screenwriters with meaningful, ongoing connections to ... Final Deadline: 01/15/14 Ended: 01/18/14 Feature Entries receive extensive analysis/development notes (5-10 pages) from at least two professional readers. The program’s objective is to ... Final Deadline: 01/18/14 Ended: 01/24/14 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series The New Hope Film Festival Script Competition is especially interested in discovering and nurturing new and overlooked screenwriters. Script ... Final Deadline: 01/24/14 Ended: 01/31/14 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series The Lift-Off International Film Festival's were set-up to give filmmakers and screenwriters the chance to create and become a part of a ... Final Deadline: 01/31/14 Ended: 02/03/14 Feature , TV Pilot , Short The Nashville Film Festival is one of the top film fests in the U.S. Now, NaFF is opening the doors to screenwriters for film and TV. 24 ... Final Deadline: 02/03/14 Ended: 02/15/14 Feature The Sunscreen Film Festival is holding a screenplay competition where the winning script selected will be produced into a film. Manhattan ... Final Deadline: 02/15/14 Ended: 02/21/14 Short In order to promote more female screenwriters, Kansas City Women in Film & TV along with KC Film Fest sponsors a female screenwriter short ... Final Deadline: 02/21/14 Ended: 02/28/14 Feature We’re looking for FAMILY-FRIENDLY movies. Whether you have a family drama, comedy, or animated adventure, we want a script that’s ... Final Deadline: 02/28/14 Ended: 03/01/14 Feature Unlike other contests where you end up with… a plastic trophy, OUR contest winners MAKE a Feature Film. A REAL FILM that YOU - The ... Final Deadline: 03/01/14 Ended: 03/05/14 Feature The CineStory's Retreat is dedicated to the advancement of great new voices in screenwriting. Retreat attendees are chosen from the top ... Final Deadline: 03/05/14 Ended: 03/15/14 Feature , Short , Web Series Feedback is included with every round that a script advances, with an opportunity to resubmit during the first 2 rounds. Final Deadline: 03/15/14 Ended: 03/24/14 Feature , TV Pilot , Short Showtime’s Tony Cox Screenplay Competition recognizes an emerging screenplay as the best from the pool of submissions each year. The ... Final Deadline: 03/24/14 Ended: 03/25/14 Feature , Short We are taking script submissions in two categories, features and shorts. Every comedy genre is welcome. Every script is read by a working ... Final Deadline: 03/25/14 Ended: 03/28/14 Feature Well-written thrillers are always an excellent way for writers to show Hollywood pros a combination of commerciality, unique voice, and a ... Final Deadline: 03/28/14 Ended: 04/01/14 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series The British Independent Film Festival is an event designed to showcase independent films from around the world with a focus on British ... Final Deadline: 04/01/14 Ended: 04/15/14 TV Pilot Over $3,000 in Cash and Prizes! All winners are sent to over 25 producers, agents and managers. Our intention is to help open doors for the ... Final Deadline: 04/15/14 Ended: 04/21/14 Feature Every script that is entered into Scriptapalooza is read by either a producer, manager or agent. We do not use “readers” or “regular ... Final Deadline: 04/21/14 Final: 04/30/14 Feature Most contests favor dramatic, serious, or off-the-wall scripts as contest winners...but what about the comedy, western, fantasy, or horror ... Final Deadline: 04/30/14 Regular: 05/01/14 Feature With over $5 million in alumni spec sales, the Script Pipeline Screenwriting Contest sets its sights on discovering up-and-coming creative ... Final Deadline: 05/01/14 Extended: 05/01/14 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play New Media Film Festival: The Best in New Media-What's New, What's Next...Honoring Stories Worth Telling in all media that are innovative, ... Final Deadline: 05/01/14 Regular: 05/01/14 TV Pilot , Web Series With over $5 million in alumni spec sales, the Script Pipeline Screenwriting Contest sets its sights on discovering up-and-coming creative ... Final Deadline: 05/01/14 Late: 05/17/14 Feature WILLiFEST spotlights independent filmmakers and screenwriters from around the world. We encourage you to submit your work and join us in New ... Final Deadline: 05/17/14 Regular: 05/15/14 Short A division of the Sidewalk Film Festival started in 2004, Sidewrite’s mission is to discover and reward talented screenwriters in Alabama ... Final Deadline: 05/31/14 Final: 06/01/14 Feature , Short To fund writers AND get their film made at the same time! Winning writer gets their script made by the winning filmmaker - and we fund it! Final Deadline: 06/01/14 Regular: 05/01/14 Feature , Short As fellow filmmakers we at the MassIFF understand the importance of reaching the right audience. Our goal since starting the festival has ... Final Deadline: 06/01/14 Regular: 06/15/14 Feature The Script Pipeline Great Movie Idea Contest seeks pitches, synopses, and loglines for the next great movie idea and connects writers with ... Final Deadline: 06/22/14 Regular: 06/15/14 TV Pilot Script Pipeline's 4th Great TV Show Idea Contest seeks pitches, synopses, and loglines for the next great TV idea and connects the winner ... Final Deadline: 06/22/14 Late: 05/22/14 Feature Catalina is known for literary giants like Zane Grey, Oscar-winning films, wildlife conservation, celebrities, and discovering new talent ... Final Deadline: 07/03/14 Regular: 06/10/14 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series The Slamdance Screenplay Competition is dedicated to discovering and supporting emerging writing talent. We welcome screenplays in every ... Final Deadline: 07/29/13 Regular: 07/31/14 Feature Founded in 2012, our mission is to advance the impact of women and their positive image in media via the literary creative arts and allied ... Final Deadline: 07/31/14 Regular: 06/30/14 Short , Web Series , Play The MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival Screenplay Competition is for screenplays for short films only. The focus of this competition is not only ... Final Deadline: 07/31/14 Late: 06/15/14 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Play As one of the world's most visible and recognized screenplay competitions, our aim, quite simply, is to discover and recognize the ... Final Deadline: 08/10/14 Early: 07/20/14 Feature To promote the horror genre and expose winners to industry professionals. * Over $5,000 in cash and prizes. *The only horror contest ... Final Deadline: 08/20/14 Regular: 09/01/14 Feature , TV Pilot , Play To promote gay and lesbian themed screenplays and expose winners to industry professionals. * Thousands of dollars in cash and prizes. * One ... Final Deadline: 09/01/14 Regular: 06/01/14 Feature The mission of Buffalo Dreams is to bring the best independent films from around the world to Buffalo, New York, and to celebrate the work ... Final Deadline: 09/01/14 Early: 04/30/14 Feature , TV Pilot , Short Welcome to the Courier Screenwriting Awards! Our mission is to discover new screenwriting talent and emerging screenwriters. The Courier ... Final Deadline: 10/31/14 Regular: 11/15/14 Feature To promote any holiday themed screenplays and expose winners to industry professionals. *Cash prizes. * ONLY Holiday themed screenplay ... Final Deadline: 11/15/14 Early: 06/30/14 Feature , TV Pilot , Short The Marquee Lights Screenwriting Competition seeks to discover newly emerging screenwriters and offer a cash award to the top screenplay in ... Final Deadline: 11/17/14 Early: 06/15/14 Feature , TV Pilot The First Look Project, presented by Script Pipeline, fulfills the current requests of studios and top-tier production companies by finding ... Final Deadline: 11/22/14 Regular: 12/01/14 Short To promote any short screenplays and expose winners to industry professionals. Cash prizes. - Endorsed by ScreenplayContests.com - Entries ... Final Deadline: 12/01/14 Regular: 12/31/14 Feature To promote any comedy themed screenplays and expose winners to industry professionals. * Cash prizes. * Endorsed by ScreenplayContests.com * ... Final Deadline: 12/31/14