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Posted: Aug 20, 2016 Hosted By: Max Timm It's something we all need to deal with and there is no getting around it! Rewriting, rewriting, rewriting. Welcome back to The Craft, everyone. I'm jumping back into a regular schedule, here, and I'll do my best at keeping up the momentum. Last episode I talked about writer's block and, well, how and why writer's block is pretty much a whole bunch of bullshit and to quote Terry Pratchett, "something invented by people in California who couldn't write". This episode, as I already said, I'll be discussing rewriting. But because rewriting is such a layered, involved, and subjective process, meaning it's different for every project and for every writer, this will be a relatively shorter episode. I don't want to completely confuse everyone, but at the same time, it's a subject that absolutely needs to be discussed. It is also a process that truly needs a helping hand. In other words, please try to not go through the rewriting process on your own and without support. I stress this all the time. Hire a consultant. Take a writing class. Get into a writer's group. The first draft process is one thing, but the rewriting process is an entirely different monster.
Posted: Aug 27, 2016 Hosted By: Jeff York Guest: Kevin Rexroat

"Florence Foster Jenkins" is a movie that hits all the right notes.


One of the best comedies of the year is "Florence Foster Jenkins." It's about an American socialite in the 1940's who fancied herself an exquisite soprano, but couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. Meryl Streep plays the title character and earns guffaws every time she sings badly, but this sophisticated entertainment has a lot more on its mind than easy laughs. It's actually a deft character study about her complex marriage to her greatest fan and enabler St. Clair Bayfield (a never better Hugh Grant).

Nicholas Martin's script has a lot to say about what constitutes love and marriage, as well as the pursuit of one's dreams. It may be a period piece but it serves as a deft commentary on fame and talent, especially in our reality TV age. Veteran director Stephen Frears puts it all together perfectly, from the detailed costumes to the vivid production design to the clever cast of supporting players, including a sweetly meek Simon Helberg as Florence's embarrassed accompanist. Few movies can be described as both hilarious and poignant, but this special film is indeed that.

Posted: Aug 16, 2016 Hosted By: Jeff York Guest: Kent Williams

Hell or High Water is a modern western, as well as a nuanced morality tale.


Just when you thought the entire summer was lost to disappointing comedies and superhero movies, along comes Hell or High Water. It's a chase movie, modern western, and an astute character study of desperate people in Texas doing what they can to survive, even if that means robbing banks. It's also one of 2016's best movies - a taut and suspenseful tale filled with rich performances from top to bottom.


There are no black hats or white hats in this script. The bank-robbing brothers driving the story are relatable and sympathetic, and Chris Pine and Ben Foster portray them as complex antiheroes. Equally as nuanced are the Texas lawmen, played by Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham, talking smack with each other while hot on the brothers' trail. Taylor Sheridan's character-driven script and David Mackenzie's mindful direction bring a decimated America, still reeling from the 2008 banking crisis, to vivid life onscreen.



American Humane Association Film & TV Unit Watchdog organization dedicated to preventing cruelty to animal actors performing in films and television. October Studio Ltd October Studio is a Vancouver-based video production / photography company that works on projects of all sizes for local, national, and international clients alike. Yosemite/Madera County Film Commission The purpose of Yosemite/Madera County Film Commission is enhancing awareness of the unique features and filming qualities of the region. Done Deal Pro Done Deal Pro tracks the various script, book, treatment, and pitch sales and options made in Hollywood each day as well as internationally with a database of over 17,000 film deals. ShockerFest International Film Festival ShockerFest is the best in Independent Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Films. We have had a wonderful audience reception of the festival and the films. The films just get better and better Tyler Hisel, Screenwriter Of Dark Was The Night

Episode 90: Screenwriter Tyler Hisel talks about his latest horror/thriller film Dark Was The Night.

Lantica Media We are an innovative MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY that invests across the industry: world class studio facilities and production services businesses House of Stories House of Stories is a script consulting agency that aims to provide the best services for the least amount of money, with a guaranteed 3 day turnaround. Natural Talent, Inc. Specializing in the consultation and representation of creative talent and intellectual properties in the converging markets of animation, comics, and video games. 3331 Ocean Park Blvd. Interview with Sean Nalaboff on his Independent Comedy, Hard Sell SYS episode 128

Sean Nalaboff talks about his latest Indy Dramady, Hard Sell.
Teamsters Local 399 Hollywood This Union represents workers in the Motion Picture Industry, including firms that produce feature films, television programs, commercials, and live theatrical productions. Tampa Int'l Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Showcasing a selection of compelling film and video by, for, or about the LGBT community that entertains, enlightens and celebrates the festival audience. As we celebrate our 25th anniv Shaky Alibi Productions Shaky Alibi Productions has a focus of bringing quality entertainment to all media platforms: feature films, broadcast television, internet streaming webisodes, and mobile entertainmen Winter Film Awards Our Mission is to recognize excellence in cinema and to promote learning and artistic expression for people at all stages of their artistic careers with a focus on nurturing emerging filmmakers and helping them gain recognition and contacts to break into this difficult industry. We pride ourselves on our diverse collection of Festival selections, allowing our audience to enjoy films they normally wouldn’t think to seek out. Mississippi Film Office Location scouting and research; pre-production help with casting, extras, crew, equipment; trouble-shooting during production and wrap; we will work with you every step of the way. RIP Horror Film Festival RIP Horror Film Festival, was established by the local LA indie entertainment industry leaders; Producers, directors, agents, writers, IT, and businessmen. Three Cities Fest Online film festival and conference Interview w/ Blair Singer, Producer on Rizzoli & Isles, Fairly Legal

Blair Singer was a Producer on “The Mysteries of Laura” at NBC. Other television work includes “Rizzoli & Isles”, “Beauty and the Beast” and “Fairly Legal”,“Weeds”, “Monk” and the “Book of Daniel.” As a playwright, Blair’s play “Matthew Modine Saves the Alpacas” was at The Geffen Theater. In November 2008, his play “The Most Damaging Wound” had a sold out run at Manhattan Theatre Source and was praised as an artful comic drama. He was also a writer for the web series “lonelygirl15.” Blair is a graduate of Juilliard School of Drama and is a member of the MCC Playwrights Coalition.




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Judy Kerr - Acting Coach Judy is recognized in Hollywood for her unique gift of nurturing talent and helping actors succeed. Coaching one-on-one with some of the top names in the business, Judy works to enhance Fan Fiction Screenplay Festival Submit a FAN FICTION Script of a classic television show, movie series, or iconic franchise. Any past TV show or movie in the history of cinema. Indie Pix Films NY DISTRIBUTOR OF INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENT CINEMA. CELLULOID DREAMS, DIGITAL STREAMS. Visit our catalog & watch instantly. Get Independent! PARAGON Film Festival & Screenplay Contest Paragon FIlm Festival & Script Contest finds out the new names, new fresh ideas, new content for broadcasting and art screenings. The Stein Agency 5125 Oakdale Ave Woodland Hills, CA 91364 (818) 594-8990 Scene Magazine Scene Magazine is the entertainment magazine. Created in 2009 by industry insiders, Scene offers exclusive access to the best of film, television, music, fashion, sports and everything. Washington Filmworks Washington Filmworks assists all types of productions, helping facilitate your needs from project conception through completion. Barry Perelman Agency Barry Perelman has played a singular role in building and maintaining the careers of countless Writers, Directors and Producers. Barry's early career was spent in the intensely competit
Final: 08/27/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play , Novel FREE LOGLINE SUBMISSIONS - Submit your story and showcase it on this network. Final Deadline: 08/31/16 Late: 08/27/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play , Novel WILDsound Monthly Screenplay Festival offers screenwriters at all levels the fantastic opportunity of hearing their scripts read aloud by ... Final Deadline: 08/29/16 Late: 08/27/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play , Novel Get your script and story performed by professional actors at the Horror Festival. We offer screenwriters, novelists and storytellers at ... Final Deadline: 08/31/16 Extended: 08/30/16 Feature , Short The Visionfest Screenwriting Competition is a magnificent platform for writers of both, feature length and short subject films, looking to ... Final Deadline: 08/30/16 Final: 08/31/16 Feature , TV Pilot Our goal is to discover TWO emerging screenwriters and "Fast Track" their development by offering career-accelerating meetings with EIGHT ... Final Deadline: 08/31/16 Final: 08/31/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play Send your first scene (or first moments - 10page limit) and get feedback. Winners (at least 20 a year) get their first scene read at the ... Final Deadline: 08/31/16 Final: 08/31/16 TV Pilot , Web Series This is a monthly Television Festival showcasing the best of new TV PILOTS, Webseries and TV Spec Screenplays from existing shows. Get your ... Final Deadline: 08/31/16 Final: 08/31/16 Short FULL FEEDBACK on your screenplay from our committee of Professional Screenwriters, Filmmakers, Production Heads and Script Consultants. Get ... Final Deadline: 08/31/16 Final: 08/31/16 Feature , Short The New Renaissance Film Festival programme in Amsterdam has a category for films and screenplays with an LGBT theme. All genres are ... Final Deadline: 09/15/16 Final: 08/31/16 Feature , Short The screenwriting competition is part of the New Renaissance Film Festival (Amsterdam,NL), and wants to promote and reward talented ... Final Deadline: 09/15/16 Late: 08/31/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series Get your script and story performed by professional actors at the Comedy Festival. We offer screenwriters, novelists and storytellers at ... Final Deadline: 08/31/16 Late: 08/31/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short Shore Scripts Screenwriting Competition was set up to help emerging writers from around the world break into the industry. We have Oscar ... Final Deadline: 08/31/16 Late: 08/31/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play Offers writers at all levels the fantastic opportunity to hear their scripts read aloud using TOP PROFESSIONAL ACTORS and showcased online ... Final Deadline: 08/31/16 Late: 08/31/16 Short All entries get their POEM shown on this website. AND, you can submit your Poem to be made into a video (guaranteed 1000s of view). GET ... Final Deadline: 08/31/16 Late: 08/31/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play , Novel The Fastest Growing FANTASY/SCI-FI Festival and Contest in the World today! – 0ffers screenwriters at all levels the fantastic ... Final Deadline: 08/31/16 Late: 08/31/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play , Novel Get your script and story performed by professional actors at the Family Festival. Thank you for the detailed feedback. Whoever did this ... Final Deadline: 08/31/16 Regular: 08/31/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series Screenwriters... Did you know that ReelHeART was the first screenwriting competition that offered a Rehearsed Cast-to-Type Live Read for its ... Final Deadline: 01/31/17 Early: 08/31/16 Feature The StoryPros International -- an open competition recognizing the top 5 scripts with $15,000.00 in cash and prizes, including invaluable ... Final Deadline: 10/31/16 Late: 09/01/16 Feature Our aim is to discover and recognize the brightest and most original voices in storytelling from around the world. We are looking for ... Final Deadline: 09/25/16 Regular: 09/01/16 Feature Screenplay Festival was established to help eliminate the “chicken and egg” problem where, you need recognition to get noticed by ... Final Deadline: 09/01/16 Regular: 09/01/16 Feature VIWIFF 2017 is committed to highlighting the best stories the world has to offer that are written by women. The festival is a forum for ... Final Deadline: 09/01/16 Early: 09/01/16 Feature A 3-day celebration of independent cinema from around the globe every April in Goshen, Indiana. Final Deadline: 12/15/16 Early: 09/03/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play The Best in New Media....Honoring Stories Worth Telling. All Genres and lengths welcomed. If you write stories worth telling, this is the ... Final Deadline: 04/25/17 Late: 09/06/16 Feature The sole objective of the Launch Pad Competition is to recognize writers who have the passion and talent deserving of a professional ... Final Deadline: 09/21/16 Regular: 09/08/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short Fresh Voices strives to identify, nurture and bring to market the most promising new voices in screenwriting. Since 2009, Fresh Voices has ... Final Deadline: 11/03/16 Late: 09/09/16 Feature Well-written thrillers are always an excellent way for writers to show Hollywood pros a combination of commerciality, unique voice, and a ... Final Deadline: 09/30/16 Final: 09/15/16 Feature The contest's aim is to seek out and encourage compelling film narratives, and to introduce the next generation of great screenwriters to ... Final Deadline: 09/15/16 Regular: 09/15/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Web Series Rated SR is a film festival that focuses on socially relevant human stories and raises awareness to social problems by offering positive ... Final Deadline: 12/15/16 Regular: 09/15/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short To provide a platform focused on promoting and encouraging diverse voices and stories. We're looking for writing from perspectives – ... Final Deadline: 10/15/16 Regular: 09/15/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Play Our mission is to forge a film festival that will launch the careers of faith based writers and filmmakers and facilitate established ... Final Deadline: 10/15/16 Regular: 09/20/16 Feature , Short Untill November 15, 2016, experienced & new producers/directors/writers from all over the world can register or submit their scripts. The ... Final Deadline: 11/15/16 Late: 09/23/16 Feature Our mission is to provide industry exposure to feature screenwriters who are looking to have their stories told. Therefore this year's ... Final Deadline: 12/02/16 Regular: 09/30/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series The SoCal Film Festival has award winning movies and screenplays; industry speakers; professional workshops; Q&As with directors and actors; ... Final Deadline: 12/04/16 Regular: 09/30/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play , Novel International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Nice has as its objective the promotion of cinematographic art by presenting films of ... Final Deadline: 01/31/17 Early: 09/30/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short The New Hope Film Festival Script Competition is especially interested in discovering and nurturing new and overlooked screenwriters. The ... Final Deadline: 01/27/17 Final: 10/13/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Web Series A Table Read can help change your script, one of ours can jump-start your career! Top 3 WINNERS will be flown to Park City, Utah during ... Final Deadline: 11/16/16 Regular: 10/15/16 Feature One of last year’s winners signed with a top literary management company and has projects in active development! We’re looking for ... Final Deadline: 10/20/16 Regular: 10/24/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play TIFA, the Toronto Independent Film Awards Inc. (formerly known as Toronto International Film and Video Awards Inc. TIFVA) is dedicated to ... Final Deadline: 01/03/17 Late: 10/31/16 Short We are holding a montly short screenwriting contest where the top three scripts will be considered for option/purchase and possible ... Final Deadline: 12/31/16 Regular: 10/31/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series The Madrid International Film festival has as its objective in the promotion of cinematographic art by presenting films of quality and ... Final Deadline: 03/30/17 Final: 11/01/16 TV Pilot This is the dawning of the era of you, the new TV Writer! To help you sell yourself and your series, TVWriter™, the most successful ... Final Deadline: 11/01/16 Extended: 11/30/16 Feature , Short International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema London has as its objective the promotion of cinematographic art by presenting films of ... Final Deadline: 11/30/16 Regular: 11/30/16 Feature We encourage film makers to stay creative, not bound by copyright governance, and pursue communication through video productions. We ... Final Deadline: 01/01/17