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Posted: Jul 27, 2016 Hosted By: Max Timm Guest: Barri Evins

You're about to listen to a recording of a live teleconference I recently had with producer and consultant Barri Evins. We discuss the ins and outs of how to create compelling loglines - from the essential elements of story to maximizing every word, we dive in and dissect how to put your logline over the top in the eyes of the pros. I also reiterate on the call how important it is to look at your logline as an exercise tool and a brainstorming technique. It's more than just a selling tool!


We review five loglines that were submitted for this live call, and it's a ton of fun listening to how Barri breaks the loglines down and offers supportive ideas and feedback - you can learn a lot from this interview, so listen in and hopefully you'll learn a thing or two. It's all about educating yourself! So you're on the right track by listening to our Podcasts, here.

Posted: Jul 26, 2016 Hosted By: Jeff York Guest: Sophia Louisa

The problem with Ghostbusters isn't its cast, it's the script.


No recent film has sparked as much derision online as the remake of Ghostbusters. In fact, its trailer is the most hated preview ever on YouTube. The outrage so many have expressed in social media over Paul Feig's casting of four comic actresses in the leads remains completely sexist and dunderheaded. The real problem with remaking the classic 1984 horror-comedy isn't in its cast, it's in its screenplay. Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are talents with proven track records, but the script they have to work with is shockingly subpar for such an important summer tentpole. Some of it is fizzy fun, but too much of it is plagued by screenwriting blunders that should have been caught in early drafts.


From the fact that both Wiig and McCarthy play variations of the "straight man" trope to Chris Hemsworth's overly caricatured himbo role to a shocking lack of truly clever dialogue, this film is a collection of missed opportunities and miscalculations. There are no real character arcs, no inventive or unique set pieces, and to top it all off, it's not even remotely scary. Its predecessor managed to do all those things, and remain uproariously funny too. This one, despite all the talent in front of the camera, and behind it, is shockingly inert, stuck between trying to conform to its roots and gently tiptoe in new directions. It's not the dog many feared, but it's also not going to scare up classic status any time soon either.

Posted: Jul 19, 2016 Hosted By: Max Timm

I cannot stress enough the importance of educating yourself. It seems so simple and could spawn a reaction of, "duh". Of course education is essential. You never hear a point/counterpoint or debate over whether or not education is important. We all know it is, but I need to point something out here. It seems that a lot of writers - and I mean a LOT of writers - do not think they need to take a class on writing. It blows my mind, thoroughly frustrates me, and consistently makes me wonder why a writer would never invest in some form of a writing class, course, consultant, writers group, something! Every person that moves to Los Angeles with the intent to become a working actor is immediately given what? A list of all of the acting classes available to them. And there are a TON of acting classes available. But what does that person do? She nods her head and says, "Oh, ok. Cool. I'll find one and sign up." How is it that the screenwriting side of this business hasn't taken on the same mindset as the acting side? The craft of acting is no different than the craft of writing. It's something that is learnable, and it's something that if given enough time will result in...? Being better! I can't simplify it any more than that. I'll play hardball for a second, and whether or not you agree with me, well, I really don't care, but if you're a writer who thinks you can just figure this out on your own, maybe read Robert McKee's book, Story, and then think that you can write a marketable and ready-made screenplay...you're wrong. You are, very simply, wrong. I am sorry if that offends you, but if you're a regular listener to my Podcast you know that it is my intent to be real with you. It's my intent to give a bit of a wake up call.


Investing in yourself and finding the right writing class or course, or even hiring a consultant to work with you, is so necessary that I wish there were billboards all over Los Angeles that announced a new law that forced all writers to take a class before they ever attempt to submit a screenplay to an agency or production company.


Argentum Headshots, postcards, business cards, zed cards, retouching, cd burns, online proofsheets, online taped auditions, casting, actor reels, show reels, and website designs for actors. Interview w/Exec Producer on Hawaii Five-O & CSI: NY, Peter Lenkov

Peter Lenkov is a native of Montreal, Canada. He has been a writing producer of movies and television shows for nearly 20 years.


He is currently rebooting the HAWAII FIVE-O franchise with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. The pilot episode has received numerous positive reviews and will debut in the fall of 2010 on CBS.


Prior to HAWAII FIVE-O Peter had been an executive producer on “CSI: NY.” There he won a Media Access Award and the acclaimed actor, Ed Asner, was nominated for an Emmy for his performance in an episode Peter had written.


He has also worked on other top television shows such as “24,” “The District,” and “Le Femme Nikita.” Recently he has done a mini-series starring Stephen Dorff and Val Kilmer called “XIII,” which is based off of the popular graphic novel and video game of the same name.


Some notable films that Peter has written and produced are “Demolition Man” starring Sylvester Stallion and Sandra Bullock, along with a number of films starring Pauly Shore that include “Son in Law” and “Jury Duty.”


He has also written several comic books for Dark Horse publishing. “R.I.P.D.” which is in development to become a feature film, and Fort: Prophet of the Unexplained. Fort was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award in 2002. 


Peter lives outside of Los Angeles on a ranch with his wife, four children, and pets. 



•          Balancing work and personal life

•          Getting a break when you’re young

•          Pitching


Summit Talent & Literary Agency 9454 Wilshire Blvd Ste 203 Beverly Hills, CA 90212 (310) 205-9730. The agency represents actors, singers and writers. It will prepare all contracts between the producers and the tale The Musicians Union of Hollywood American Federation of Musicians Local 47 is a labor union for professional musicians located in Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world, formed by and for LA musicians. The Acting Corps Our acting school has a simple approach: you act in every single acting class-extensively, you learn from active working professionals, and then you are assisted and encouraged to get Nevada Film Festival Taking place each year in the beautiful and exciting city of Las Vegas, the Nevada International Film Festival is the Silver State’s annual celebration of the very best in American and The Online Film Festival #TOFF is the first festival which specifically helps independent filmmakers to raise their visibility through the web. We do so by creating and taking care of your communication on line Int'l Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Milan International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Milan has as its objective the promotion of cinematographic art by presenting films of quality and entertainment. Lacustre Film Commission de la Araucania Providing location services and economic incentives to filmmakers looking to shoot in Chile. Interview w/ Anders Thomas Jensen, Writer / Director of Men & Chicken Episode #123

Screenwriter and Director Anders Thomas Jensen talks about his new film, Men & Chicken.
No BullScript Consulting Danny Manus is one of the most in-demand script consultants & lecturers as CEO of No BullScript Consulting & author of No B.S. for Screenwriters:Advice from the Executive Perspective. Blair Halver's Reality Sound School When I started out, I just wanted to make a living doing audio full-time. Audio was my passion, and I wanted to build my career around it because that’s all I wanted to do in life. Interview w / Director of Amnesiac, Michael Polish

Episode 93 - Director Michael Polish Of Amnesiac


Director Michael Polish talks about his latest thriller film, Amnesiac, Starring Kate Bosworth and Wes Bentley

Create Your Career w/ Veteran CAA Agent & Top TV Producer, Tony Krantz

One of the most well-connected guests we’ve had on yet, Tony Krantz joined us to talk about a number of things – so many of them we could have discussed even further in depth – but after working as an agent with CAA for 15 years, Tony went on to help create Imagine Television. From Imagine he moved on to direct his own films, and now he’s writing and developing major TV projects. A fascinating career, really. From packaging shows at CAA such as Twin Peaks, The West Wing, ER, and then producing the Fox mega-hit, 24, and so many others, Tony’s career is something most industry people dream of. He h

as been able to work at all levels of the industry and continues to focus on his artistic side through his new TV projects in development.


Probably one of the more enlightening aspects of this interview is Tony’s breakdown of how the TV industry is working right now, and comparing it to the feature and movie world. It’s an extremely exciting time with so many opportunities, and with Tony’s breakdown, we can see why the opportunities are there, especially in television.



Enjoy this interview, everyone, and a huge thank you to Tony for joining us. We wish him all the best on his future projects. And don’t forget, subscribe to Curious About Screenwriting on iTunes! By subscribing, you can be sure that all future episodes will be automatically downloaded for you, and while you’re there, feel free to rate us. Your opinion matters. Thanks so much for listening and enjoy our interview with Tony Krantz.

Interview With Director / Screenwriter, Lawrence Roeck

Episode #107

Interview With Director Screenwriter Lawrence Roeck


Lawrence talks about his latest film, Diable, starring Scott Eastwood.

New Mediacracy New Mediacracy is a casual conversation in the form of an audio podcast about the world of web video featuring industry producers, directors, writers, and other content creators.

44 Episodes have range since its conception. Guests range from Rian Johnson ("Looper") To YouTube stars and a variety in between.
FEEDBACK Animation Film & Screenplay Festival Animation films are becoming to profound, we decided to showcase 2 festivals from 2 different countries at our festival.

Get your animation screenplay performed by professional actors.
Jacob Krueger Studio Founded by Award Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger, JK Studio is the only screenwriting school that teaches both the art and the craft of writing. Rather than imposing the same old formulas, we teach an organic approach, using 7 Act Structure to grow your script from initial idea to the movie you’ve always dreamed of writing. For free screenwriting articles or to learn about our NYC and Online Classes, affordable One-on-One Mentorship, and International Retreats please visit WriteYourScreenplay.com. Columbia College Chicago Columbia College Chicago is an institution of higher education specializing in arts and media disciplines, with nearly 12,000 students pursuing degrees within 120 undergraduate and grad Catalyst Agency Catalyst manages and Consults to Producers, Writers, Visual Artists, Directors, Designers and Creative Companies. Packages Creative and Business Resources to Bring Projects to the Audie Maggie Roiphe Agency 1721 S. Garth Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90035 (310) 876-1561 New Renaissance Film Fest WELCOME to the New Renaissance Film Festival. NRFF provides a showcase stage in LONDON, UK, for talented filmmakers and screenwriters from around the world. Big Muddy Film Festival The Big Muddy Film Festival, based at Southern Illinois University Carbondale has become one of the best-respected, wholly independent, community-focused film festivals. Open World Toronto Film Festival Open World Toronto Film Festival provides an equal chance of winning for all entrants, regardless of size and budget. Entries are judged on Quality of Craft and Creativity. SAG-AFTRA SAG-AFTRA represents approximately 160,000 actors, announcers, broadcast journalists, dancers, DJs, news writers, news editors, program hosts, puppeteers, recording artists, & singers. Film Commission Norway Encouraging and supporting the production of film in Norway, providing a link between the national and international film industry.
Late: 07/30/16 Feature , Short International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Milan has as its objective the promotion of cinematographic art by presenting films of ... Final Deadline: 08/10/16 Rolling: 07/31/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play , Novel FREE LOGLINE SUBMISSIONS - Submit your story and showcase it on this network. Final Deadline: 07/31/16 Extended: 07/31/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play , Novel The Eleventh Annual Action On Film International Film Festival and Writer's Event is truly the festival of the independent filmmaker and ... Final Deadline: 07/31/16 Extended: 07/31/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play , Novel Get your script and story performed by professional actors at the Horror Festival. We offer screenwriters, novelists and storytellers at ... 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Final Deadline: 07/31/16 Final: 07/31/16 TV Pilot , Web Series This is a monthly Television Festival showcasing the best of new TV PILOTS, Webseries and TV Spec Screenplays from existing shows. Get your ... Final Deadline: 07/31/16 Final: 07/31/16 Short FULL FEEDBACK on your screenplay from our committee of Professional Screenwriters, Filmmakers, Production Heads and Script Consultants. Get ... Final Deadline: 07/31/16 Late: 07/31/16 Feature , Play There are hundreds of screenplay competitions, but what screenplay from among the winners of these quality competitions is the best of the ... Final Deadline: 07/31/16 Late: 07/31/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series Get your script and story performed by professional actors at the Comedy Festival. We offer screenwriters, novelists and storytellers at ... Final Deadline: 07/31/16 Late: 07/31/16 Feature , Short International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema London has as its objective the promotion of cinematographic art by presenting films of ... Final Deadline: 11/30/16 Late: 07/31/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play Offers writers at all levels the fantastic opportunity to hear their scripts read aloud using TOP PROFESSIONAL ACTORS and showcased online ... Final Deadline: 07/31/16 Regular: 07/31/16 Short We are holding a montly short screenwriting contest where the top three scripts will be considered for option/purchase and possible ... Final Deadline: 12/31/16 Regular: 07/31/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short Shore Scripts Screenwriting Competition was set up to help emerging writers from around the world break into the industry. We have Oscar ... Final Deadline: 08/31/16 Regular: 07/31/16 Feature , Short The New Renaissance Film Festival programme in Amsterdam has a category for films and screenplays with an LGBT theme. All genres are ... Final Deadline: 09/15/16 Regular: 07/31/16 Feature , Short The screenwriting competition is part of the New Renaissance Film Festival (Amsterdam,NL), and wants to promote and reward talented ... Final Deadline: 09/15/16 Early: 07/31/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series The SoCal Film Festival has award winning movies and screenplays; industry speakers; professional workshops; Q&As with directors and actors; ... Final Deadline: 12/04/16 Early: 08/01/16 Feature VIWIFF 2017 is committed to highlighting the best stories the world has to offer that are written by women. The festival is a forum for ... Final Deadline: 09/01/16 Late: 08/05/16 TV Pilot To provide industry exposure and support to television screenwriters who are looking to have their stories told. Final Deadline: 08/05/16 Regular: 08/05/16 TV Pilot , Web Series The CineStory Foundation has always believed in helping writers find their voice. We’re entering a world in which the ways to tell stories ... Final Deadline: 08/05/16 Late: 08/08/16 Feature , TV Pilot The Finish Line Script Competition redefines the screenwriting competition, embracing the rewrite as an essential component in any ... Final Deadline: 08/08/16 Early: 08/09/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short Fresh Voices strives to identify, nurture and bring to market the most promising new voices in screenwriting. Since 2009, Fresh Voices has ... Final Deadline: 11/03/16 Early: 08/12/16 Feature Well-written thrillers are always an excellent way for writers to show Hollywood pros a combination of commerciality, unique voice, and a ... Final Deadline: 09/30/16 Late: 08/15/16 TV Pilot , Web Series Between now and August 31st, we're open for hour, half hour and web series pilot submissions. And we couldn't be more excited, because while ... Final Deadline: 08/15/16 Early: 08/15/16 Feature The contest's aim is to seek out and encourage compelling film narratives, and to introduce the next generation of great screenwriters to ... Final Deadline: 09/15/16 Early: 08/15/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short To provide a platform focused on promoting and encouraging diverse voices and stories. We're looking for writing from perspectives – ... Final Deadline: 10/15/16 Early: 08/16/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Web Series A Table Read can help change your script, one of ours can jump-start your career! Top 3 WINNERS will be flown to Park City, Utah during ... Final Deadline: 11/16/16 Early: 08/22/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play TIFA, the Toronto Independent Film Awards Inc. (formerly known as Toronto International Film and Video Awards Inc. TIFVA) is dedicated to ... Final Deadline: 01/03/17 Extended: 08/30/16 Feature , Short The Visionfest Screenwriting Competition is a magnificent platform for writers of both, feature length and short subject films, looking to ... Final Deadline: 08/30/16 Final: 08/31/16 Feature , TV Pilot Our goal is to discover TWO emerging screenwriters and "Fast Track" their development by offering career-accelerating meetings with EIGHT ... Final Deadline: 08/31/16 Regular: 08/31/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series Screenwriters... Did you know that ReelHeART was the first screenwriting competition that offered a Rehearsed Cast-to-Type Live Read for its ... Final Deadline: 01/31/17 Regular: 09/01/16 Feature Screenplay Festival was established to help eliminate the “chicken and egg” problem where, you need recognition to get noticed by ... Final Deadline: 09/01/16 Early: 09/01/16 Feature A 3-day celebration of independent cinema from around the globe every April in Goshen, Indiana. Final Deadline: 12/15/16 Early: 09/03/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play The Best in New Media....Honoring Stories Worth Telling. All Genres and lengths welcomed. If you write stories worth telling, this is the ... Final Deadline: 04/25/17 Regular: 09/15/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Web Series Rated SR is a film festival that focuses on socially relevant human stories and raises awareness to social problems by offering positive ... Final Deadline: 12/15/16 Regular: 09/20/16 Feature , Short Untill November 15, 2016, experienced & new producers/directors/writers from all over the world can register or submit their scripts. The ... Final Deadline: 11/15/16 Late: 09/23/16 Feature Our mission is to provide industry exposure to feature screenwriters who are looking to have their stories told. Therefore this year's ... Final Deadline: 12/02/16 Regular: 09/30/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play , Novel International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Nice has as its objective the promotion of cinematographic art by presenting films of ... 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