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Posted: Sep 2, 2015 Hosted By: Jen Grisanti Guest: Glen Mazzara

Glen Mazzara, Executive Producer and writer of the new series, Damien, and former Showrunner for AMC’s The Walking Dead, knew he wanted to be a writer when he was six years old.  Mazzara’s body of work includes Golden Globe®-winning The Shield, FX's groundbreaking police drama; Crash, the first scripted drama on the pay-cable network STARZ; TNT’s medical drama Hawthorne; as well as NBC’s Life and CBS’ Nash Bridges.


While earning a B.A. and M.A. in American & British literature at New York University, Mazzara worked at NYU Medical Center as Logistics Manager for the Emergency Department, responsible for managing staff and juggling a $1 million renovation project that he completed for only $450,000. The job proved to be the perfect training ground for a career in television production.


In 1998, Manager Ted Schachter encouraged Mazzara to move to Hollywood and helped him land his first writing job as a staff writer for the Emmy-nominated Nash Bridges.


In 2010, Mazzara was brought on as a freelance writer for AMC’s The Walking Dead, a zombie drama based on the comic books of Robert Kirkman. Series Creator Frank Darabont soon recognized his writing skills and ability to manage staff—a rare combination of talents—and brought Mazzara on-board as his #2. He was nominated for a Writers Guild of America (WGA) Award for his work on season one of The Walking Dead. 


Upon Darabont’s departure, Mazzara was elevated to Showrunner for season two. Under Mazzara’s direction, and alongside an amazing cast and crew including Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd (Terminator), the series drew critical and popular acclaim, with The Walking Dead’s season two finale attracting more than 10.9 million viewers to become biggest basic cable telecast ever amongst total viewers.


Born in Queens, New York, Mazzara currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and three sons.




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Posted: Sep 3, 2015 Hosted By: Jen Grisanti Guest: George Mastras

George Mastras has been a writer and producer for the Emmy-award winning drama "Breaking Bad" on AMC. He wrote standout episodes "Crazy Handful of Nothin,'" which won the 2009 PEN USA Award for Best Teleplay, and “Grilled,” which was nominated for the 2010 Edgar Allen Poe Award.


He has also written for such diverse series as the Sci Fi Channel's supernatural detective series “The Dresden Files," and John Wells/Warner Bros. produced crime drama “The Evidence." George was awarded the ABC/Disney Writing Fellowship in 2005, was nominated for WGA Awards in both 2008 and 2009 for Best Drama in connection with his work on "Breaking Bad," and was selected for the WGA Showrunner Training Program in 2010.


George is also a novelist. His debut novel "Fidali's Way" was published by Scribner on January 6, 2009 and has since been released in translation internationally. Inspired by George's travels in the remote Tribal Areas of Pakistan and war-torn Kashmir before and after 9/11, Fidali's Way has been critically acclaimed as a "brilliantly told” and "stirring first novel" with an "odyssey-like story [that] grips" (Publisher's Weekly, and Toronto Sun).


Before writing, George worked as a criminal investigator for the public defender’s office, a counselor at a juvenile correctional facility, and a trial lawyer in New York and Los Angeles. After ten years of practicing law, he quit his job, sold his belongings, and spent several years backpacking around the globe, before he returned to the United States to pursue writing professionally. Born in Boston, George is a graduate of Yale, UCLA Law School, and Outward Bound.



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Film Commission Region Stuttgart Offering individual consulting and detailed information on filming locations, shooting permits, and local professionals. Kimyoo Films, Inc. Kimyoo Films is my production company. It was created to produce Lori's screenplays as she's also a director, cinematographer, editor, and producer. The Writers Studio Founded in 1987 by Philip Schultz, The Writers Studio welcomes beginning and experienced fiction writers and poets to ongoing writing workshops designed to help them discover and The Online Film Festival #TOFF is the first festival which specifically helps independent filmmakers to raise their visibility through the web. We do so by creating and taking care of your communication on line The Weinstein Company The Weinstein Company is a multimedia production and distribution company launched in October 2005 by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, the brothers who founded Miramax Films in 1979. MU Media We are a collective of cross-cultural filmmakers in New York, dedicated to making powerful, innovative media that inspires and entertains. Eclectic Pictures The idea: to launch a Prod. Co. diverse in slate with a focus of marrying the commercial and artistic aspects of filmmaking. A first-look deal with Millennium Pictures since 2004. Florida Office of Film & Entertainment The Florida Office of Film & Entertainment serves as a link between industry and all levels of government to improve the business climate for the growth of the entertainment industry. Scene Magazine Scene Magazine is the entertainment magazine. Created in 2009 by industry insiders, Scene offers exclusive access to the best of film, television, music, fashion, sports and everything. The Los Angeles Art House Film Festival Paying tribute to indie filmmakers and writers who do not always receive the notoriety they deserve, without politics or commercialization. LA Art House takes pride in not falling victi Tools for Writing Characters That Sell Screenplays This class puts the spotlight on creating and crafting compelling characters so you can write a savvy screenplay that will grab both the Hollywood and independent film world’s attention. Each critical element that comprises a screenplay will be covered (plot, dialogue, structure, and genre), detailing how your protagonists, antagonists and minor characters can shine in each of these categories. Bram Stoker International Film Festival Studio System The professional's choice for entertainment data. We will do so much more to serve our customers, as well as music, TV and movie fans around the world. Hamptons Take2 Documentary Film Festival Creating high visibility, theatrical venues for talented documentary filmmakers whose works deserve screen time, a second cut or "take 2." Benefits of Consultants and Networking, with Story Expo Founder

In a short installment of our Curious About Screenwriting podcasts, I interviewed Derek Christopher. Derek has been the go-to guy for the top consultants in the industry for over a decade. By organizing major events, seminars, and speaking arrangements with names such as late great Syd Field, Robert McKee, and Linda Seger, Derek has firsthand experience of how important working with a consultant really is.


Derek also runs and organizes Story Expo. Story Expo is a once-a-year event where writers and storytellers of all kinds gather in Los Angeles not only to network, but to take classes from the top consultants. Specific classes and seminars that are truly applicable and incredibly educational where you own personal writing craft is concerned. Taking place over the weekend of September 11, if you can make it out to Story Expo this year, it will be a can’t miss event. The ISA will happily be joining Derek and if you would like to meet the staffers of the International Screenwriter Association, as well as yours truly, come on out and say hi. You can learn more at www.StoryExpo.com

Edmonton International Film Festival Featuring cinematic gems (shorts, features, and documentaries). Unofficial Google+ Film Festival We are a live, online, interactive, global, short film festival that extends and broadens viewers outside the common film festival experience and allows a much larger audience to enjoy. Bauer Martinez Studios Reflecting Martinez’ aggressive style Bauer Martinez has established key strategic distribution alliances with some of Hollywood’s most renowned companies. With these alliances in place DokuFest International Doc & Short Film Festival DOKUFEST, The International Documentary and Short Film Festival, is the largest film event in Kosova. The Festival is organized in August in historical town of Prizren Millennium Films Millennium Films is one of the longest-running independent film companies in the history of Hollywood, with 20 years and more than 300 movies to its credit. Steve Kaplan Solves the Comic Equation If an interplanetary traveler would have aimed about 12oo miles due east and a couple of decades earlier, he might have found himself at Steve Kaplan’s Manhattan Punchline Theater laughing his second tukhus off (albeit without “the peanut butter of the gods”). This is the very same theater where Steve honed his comedic tools while developing writers like Peter Tolan (Analyze This), Tracy Proust (Ugly Betty, Will & Grace), and Michael Patrick King (Sex and The City). Terror Film Festival An international independent genre arts festvial that puts filmmakers, screenwriters, and fans first. Terror Film Festival is deeply committed to the arts of filmmaking and screenwritin The Matthau Company The company focuses on feature film and television projects with humanity and humor — qualities that have always defined great storytelling. In 1990, Charlie Matthau had just finished Damien Chazelle's Whiplash - The Path to the Oscars Sitting in the Eccles Theater at Sundance in 2014 waiting for the movie Whiplash to start was uneventful. I knew nothing about the movie that I was about to see, and to be honest I was probably playing Words with Friends right up until the moment the lights went down.


For those of you who have been to Sundance, you know that the struggle to get tickets is sometimes a bit overwhelming and the nightlife can wear you down, so it is theoretically possible that one might look forward to a movie to catch up on some needed sleep. You might also know that even the "big" movies, Eccles seats over 1000 people, can sometimes miss their mark. So as the screen flickered to life and I realized that the movie was about a young drummer trying to land the lead spot in a jazz band, I settled in for a well needed snooze. But after 5 minutes into the movie, I felt like I was on a roller coaster and I knew that I was going to be taken on a ride so unexpected and thrilling that I would never want to get off.


If you haven't seen the movie yet, go see it. No excuses. Just find a way to see the movie in a theater with a bunch of people and get ready to be enthralled. The fact that it was nominated for 5 Oscars should sweeten the pot just a bit.


Recently I got the chance to sit down with the writer-director of Whiplash, Damien Chazelle. He was warm, insightful, and as he'll tell you, a bit of a perfectionist. His early days as a jazz drummer in high school inspired this story, and Damien explains how the discipline he learned as a musician set him up for the hard work required to get a movie like Whiplash off the ground.


For those of you reading this and considering making the script you wrote into a movie, this podcast should be of great importance. Damien does talk about how the stars aligned for him to get this movie made, but that was only after he put in the hard work to have favor find him. Damien is an inspiring young filmmaker who has just set the bar a lot higher, not only for independent filmmakers looking for their first break, but for the veteran filmmakers who have lost their way.


Damien is a class act, and I am sure that his film will be escorting more than one small golden man home on Oscar night.

Lighthouse Productions A new movie production company that was created with careful thought after many times of talking about how amazing it would be to make a film. Since we are both lovers of nature and New York - Audience Now he audience now, lands in New York and award the best of urban cinematic culture, and the best of what is currently the world and New York culture.
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