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Posted: Oct 7, 2015 Hosted By: Max Timm Guest: Matthew Robbins

If you’ve only just now heard of Matthew Robbins because of his upcoming Guillermo Del Toro directed film, Crimson Peak, than you may not have been paying attention to the screenwriting credits on some major Hollywood movies. A lifelong screenwriter, Robbins made his way with the “in” crowd of the 60’s, working with Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, among many others, and finally got his breakthrough assignment on Spielberg’s The Sugarland Express. From there, Robbins worked on so many others, from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Batteries Not Included, to the Del Toro film Mimic, and the 2010 film Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.


While in this podcast, we talk a lot about Crimson Peak – with a really interesting tidbit about the house they use for the central focus of the film – we talk even more about the writing process. And coming from a veteran screenwriter like Matthew, to say his advice is invaluable is a massive understatement. From telling stories of working on films with today’s icons, to looking at screenwriting as a true craft, Matthews interview should leave you inspired and even more ready to finish your next project. If you’re not feeling the flow and need a break, though, we suggest checking out Matthew’s Crimson Peak. Maybe it’ll scare you back into your writing chair.

Posted: Oct 7, 2015 Hosted By: Max Timm Guest: Tawnya Bhattacharya

Make your script stand out with dynamic, compelling, three-dimensional characters that will move, haunt, inspire, and crack up the reader.


Character is King.  Executives, agents, managers, and showrunners insist on compelling, complex and dynamic characters that leap off the page.  Yet writers often get bogged down with story and plot, losing sight of the fact that it's characters we care deeply about that cause us to tune in to our favorite TV shows week after week.  But how do you create a three-dimensional character that audiences will fall in love with, invest in and root for?


How do you create a three-dimensional character that audiences will fall in love with, invest in and root for? During this teleconference with Script Anatomy Founder and working TV writer Tawnya Bhattacharya, we’ll answer this question and discuss some of TV’s most unforgettable series leads.  You'll walk away with a game plan and clear tools to use while building what just might be TV's next iconic hero or anti-hero.


The Anatomy of Great Characters

with Script Anatomy Founder and working TV writer Tawnya Bhattacharya

What do Tony Soprano, Selina Meyer, Walter White, Sterling Archer, Carrie Mathison, Omar Little and Kimmy Schmidt have in common? Great characters are unforgettable. We may love them or hate them. But they worm their way into our brains and stay with us — haunting us, inspiring us, cracking us up — long after they’ve disappeared from our screens. 


Learn to create memorable characters with drive, characters that provoke emotion, characters that stay with us in this teleconference. Tawnya will show you how to craft compelling and multi-dimensional characters by crafting their backstorystage of lifeflawcore wounddilemma andgoal as well as how to design dynamic catalyst relationships and polarities, how to a unique world helps you create an interesting character, and how to design meaningful and emotional journeys and character arcs.


As points of reference, writers should familiarize themselves with the pilot episodes of Bloodline, Jane The Virgin, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Breaking Bad which, despite the fact it’s now off air, is an excellent example of what the bar is set.


About Script Anatomy:

Founded by TV writer Tawnya Bhattacharya, Script Anatomy is LA's most industry-focused TV writing school whose classes are taught entirely by working writers.  The company helps television writers reach their writing goals and elevate their craft through classes, workshops and private consultations.  Script Anatomy has helped hundreds of writers succeed.  Alumni have been staffed, sold pilots, secured coveted spots in every network and studio writing program, signed with representation at major agencies and management companies, have sold pilots, landed writing assignments, and won prestigious contests as a result.  Join them at ScriptAnatomy.com. 

Tawnya Bhattacharya is a writer, writing instructor, and founder of Script Anatomy.  Her teaching career began at Writers Boot Camp from 2005 – 2008. Having seen writers struggle through the process there, it became apparent what was missing, so she created Script Anatomy — a unique curriculum to give writers practical development, writing and rewriting tools based on her own process. She launched Script Anatomy in 2011, just as she was embarking on her own writing career. Bhattacharya brings both a ten-year teaching background and professional writing experience to Script Anatomys curriculum. She is currently a Writer/Co-Producer on NBCs “The Night Shift”and formerly wrote on TNTsPerception,” Lifetime’s “The Client List,” and USA“Fairly Legal,” with her writing partner, Ali Laventhol.  Repped by ICM Partners, they are former NBC Writers on the Verge fellows, winning one of 8 spots out of 1200 applicants and also made semi-finalists for the Disney | ABC Writing Program before getting a job that took them out of the running. Tawnya was also a FOX Writers Intensive fellow (FOX optioned her semi-autobiographical pilot). 


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Mumbai, previously known as Bombay, lies on the west coast of India and is also the entertainment capital of India.
Idaho Film Office Idaho is a land of wid-open spaces, small towns and friendly, helpful natives. It also has some of the most diverse topography is the US, so chances are you can "fake it" in Idaho! Amsel, Eisenstadt, Frazier & Hinojosa, Inc. Adult Theatrical & Commercial, Youth Theatrical & Commercial. 5055 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 865, Los Angeles, CA 90036. Tel: (323) 939-1188
Rated SR Film Festival Rated SR(TM) is a film festival that focuses on socially relevant human stories and raises awareness to social problems by offering positive solutions through the powerful medium of cin Nevada City Film Festival The Nevada City Film Festival is made up of a group of passionate filmmakers and artists that have worked to create an outlet for emerging new voices and ideas while providing audiences Writing for a Niche Audience with Sharknado Exec, Micho Rutare

Have you heard of Sharknado? What about Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus? Maybe you watch Z Nation on the SyFy Channel. I’m assuming you’ve heard of these shows, but most may not know the brain trust behind them. The Asylum is a Burbank-based production company that specializes in what they call “mockbusters” – stories that play off of big blockbuster movies that then play to a niche audience. Recently The Asylum has grown into more than just a niche audience-only company. Having been around for 17 years and produced over 300 films in that time (an incredible statistic, by the way), The Asylum is well on its way as a major player in this ever changing industry.


Micho Rutare is the development director and executive at The Asylum, and we had him on to discuss more than just the cult craze that Sharknado was and still is. He talked about the importance of character even within their mockbuster films, and even though there is a specific audience to which they tailor their product, the same story-specific ideals and elements play a big role in their project development. The advice Micho gives us writers and burgeoning filmmakers is hopefully enough to inspire you to keep moving forward with your creative endeavors – it certainly inspired me. With the ways this industry is constantly changing, there are so many opportunities for new writers and filmmakers, and the ISA hopes it can be a part of your ongoing process of creative evolution.


Hosted by the ISA’s Director of Community Outreach, Max Timm, the ISA delivers this podcast series to you for free. Our only wish is for you to go to iTunes, review and rate the podcast series, and share this invaluable content with your friends. You can follow Max on Twitter @iMaxTimm, or find him on Instagram @InstaMax9. Thanks for listening.

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