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Award Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger will take YOUR pitches and help you reconstruct them! If you need to learn how to pitch and/or are currently pitching your script to producers, and it still hasn't sold, then join the call and you may be one of the lucky ones to get FREE advice on how to improve your delivery. Not only will Jacob give you a new perspective on pitching, he'll help your improve your everything about your particular pitch!
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Robert Mckee is the most sought after screenwriting lecturer around the globe. He has dedicated the last 30 years to educating and mentoring screenwriters, novelists, playwrights, poets, documentary filmmakers, and directors internationally. Listen here to a unique presentation with the master of Story Robert McKee as he answers Story-related questions from ISA members in an interactive, open-minded, and incredible learning experience.
Date Recorded: 09/13/14
You know you've got to rewrite your film or tv script, but where do you begin? Pilar Alessandra, author of "The Coffee Break Screenwriter" can help you figure out exactly what your script needs ... and show you how to fix it. Whether it's tightening the story or polishing the prose, she has a technique that helps you fix your script, without going completely insane.
Date Recorded: 08/23/14


Boston Underground Film Festival BUFF is an annual festival committed to the celebration of alternative vision and cultivation of independent, provocative and experimental filmmaking. Aperture Entertainment APERTURE ENTERTAINMENT is a boutique management/ production company founded by Adam Goldworm. Charleston International Film Festival Bringing people together through the art and science of film, with an international film and screenplay competition. Connecticut Office of Film,Television & Digital Media Serves as liaison between production companies, state agencies, municipalities, production facilities, local crew and vendors. Energy Entertainment Brooklyn Weaver owns Energy Entertainment, a management and production company based in Los Angeles - and is a producer on several feature film and television projects. Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival EMP Museum in partnership with SIFF presents the annual Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival. Filmmakers from around the world are encouraged to submit animated and live- Lakeshore Entertainment Lakeshore Entertainment is one of the leading independent production, finance and international sales and distribution companies. Founded in 1994 by Chairman and CEO Tom Rosenberg, Lak Hot Springs Int'l Horror Film Festival Bringing together filmmakers, fans, and film fanatics for a fright festive weekend packed with horror, scifi, and thrillers, and fantasy films from all over the world. The Sterling Firm, A Professional Law Corporation The Sterling Firm is located in Los Angeles, and represents clients in the film, theatre, television, literature, music, athletic, fashion, and internet industries. Call 310-498-2750. Scriptwriters Network The Scriptwriters Network (“SWN”), founded in 1986, is an educational, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer-driven organization created by writers for writers and industry profess Moody College of Communication - University of Texas The Master in Fine Arts (M.F.A.) program in Screenwriting is a two-year (including one summer) 45-hour program designed for creative individuals with a strong commitment to storytelling Abrams Artists Agency Since 1977, Abrams Artists Agency has enjoyed a reputation as one of the nation's most respected and diversified talent and literary agencies. With principal offices in New York City Dale Talent Management/Agency We represent clients in most areas of the entertainment industry including athletes,
motion pictures, television, animation, theater, radio and television commercials, hosting
and bro
Jonsworth Productions Inc MULTIMEDIA GHOSTWRITING, -Professional Article Writing, Press Releases, Newsletters, Online Copywriting, Website Content and Design, Market Research, Start-up Campaign Content,
Oregon Office of Film and Television Our mission is to promote the development of the film, video, and multimedia industry in Oregon and to enhance the industry’s revenues, profile, and reputation. Austin Film Festival AFF provides an invaluable platform for filmmakers to showcase their craft among industry professionals and film-lovers. Offering distinguished jurors, amazing venues, enthusiastic audi Australian Writers Guild If you are serious about becoming a writer it is essential that you join the Australian Writers' Guild – to increase your bargaining power and to give you access to industry informa Lethal Murky Productions Smart Work the film started in about 2007 when my father and I decided that we would each take one of my grandfathers' stories and work them into screenplays ... Improve Your Pitch I with Gary Shusett It's one thing to write a quality script, but part of its selling is knowing how to pitch it. However, the good news is that effective pitching is among the easiest skills to learn. Pitch expert Gary Shusett is the founder of Sherwood Oaks College which helps writers by providing access to actors, directors, producers and agents. Screamfest Horror Film Festival/Screenplay Competition A launching pad for burgeoning directors and screenwriters, Screamfest is dedicated to celebrating the often neglected and underappreciated horror genre. Screamfest was formed in August 2001 by film producers Rachel Belofsky and Ross Martin in order to give filmmakers and writers in the horror/sci-fi genres a venue to have their work showcased to people in the industry. We are very proud that the majority of the films showcased now have distribution. Wisconsin Film Film Wisconsin is a non-profit organization dedicated to growing the film, television, commercial and electronic gaming industries in Wisconsin. Script Guide Script Guide is a screenplay consultation service for emerging screenwriters and television writers who want to get their scripts in tip-top shape. Writers Guild of America East Before you start sending your work to agents, producers and actors, make sure you protect your material. Utah Film Comission Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist your production with all of your filming needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from initial scouts and pre-production to principal photograp Electric Entertainment Electric Entertainment is a full service film, television, and new media production company and studio headed by veteran producer Dean Devlin along with Marc Roskin and Rachel Olschan. Atomik Pictures Atomik has created an incredible experience for us with its fast, smart-thinking solutions to production challenges. More than that, we left the experience with a sense of joy.
Late: 01/30/15 Feature , TV Pilot , Short The New Hope Film Festival Script Competition is especially interested in discovering and nurturing new and overlooked screenwriters. Script ... Final Deadline: 01/30/15 Early: 01/30/15 Short HollyShorts Film Festival (HSFF) is an annual short film festival showcasing the best and brightest short films and short screenplays from ... Final Deadline: 05/29/15 Rolling: 01/31/15 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play , Novel FREE LOGLINE SUBMISSIONS - Submit your story and showcase it on this network. Final Deadline: 01/31/15 Extended: 01/31/15 Feature , TV Pilot , Short Coming off of the heels of its tremendously successful inaugural Screenwriting Competition, the 46th annual Nashville Film Festival is proud ... Final Deadline: 01/31/15 Late: 01/31/15 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series We help screenwriters get seen and help promote them to industry professionals. We also produce films and are looking for new content. Final Deadline: 01/31/15 Late: 01/31/15 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play , Novel Meet active Hollywood producers, producing the kind of work you produce. You want to write for television? This is where you need to be. Final Deadline: 02/14/15 Regular: 01/31/15 Feature , TV Pilot The Capital Fund Screenplay Competition is where your scripts are read directly by investors who buy projects and fund films at the studio ... Final Deadline: 04/30/15 Final: 01/31/15 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play , Novel WILDsound Monthly Screenplay Festival offers screenwriters at all levels the fantastic opportunity of hearing their scripts read out loud ... Final Deadline: 01/31/15 Early: 01/31/15 Feature Can you turn a provided logline into a killer spec script? The ability to create a screenplay based on a given idea is a top way to break ... Final Deadline: 04/30/15 Final: 02/01/15 Feature Big Island Film Festival brings Filmmakers and Film Lovers together every May at The Mauna Lani Resort. We are hosted by The Fairmont ... Final Deadline: 02/01/15 Late: 02/03/15 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play New Media Film Festival: Honoring Stories Worth Telling in all media that are innovative, imaginative and inspirational. Stories that can ... Final Deadline: 04/20/15 Regular: 02/03/15 Feature Every script that is entered into Scriptapalooza is read by either a producer, manager or agent. We do not use “readers” or “regular ... Final Deadline: 04/29/15 Extended: 02/10/15 Feature , Short The Universe Multicultural Film Festival seeks to bring the best of classic and contemporary filmmaking and screenwriting from around the ... Final Deadline: 02/10/15 Regular: 02/13/15 Feature , TV Pilot The goal of the ISA FAST TRACK is to discover TWO emerging screenwriters and "Fast Track" their development by offering career-accelerating ... Final Deadline: 02/27/15 Early: 02/14/15 Feature , Short , Play We make your script a live action short that will be fest screened for hundreds of working neo noir producers. We give you a copy for ... Final Deadline: 05/16/15 Final: 02/15/15 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play , Novel Lots of scripts are rejected at film festivals. One of the reasons is that there are too many submissions. Producing a film is one thing. ... Final Deadline: 02/15/15 Early: 02/16/15 Feature , TV Pilot , Short The Eleventh Annual Action On Film International Film Festival and Writer's Event is truly the festival of the independent filmmaker and ... Final Deadline: 08/07/15 Regular: 02/18/15 Feature , Short CGIFF is open to all filmmakers, screenwriters and artists working within the medium of film. Our screenwriters have sold work and produced ... Final Deadline: 07/08/15 Regular: 02/20/15 Short Calling all aspiring writers from all over the world! Here is an opportunity to write content for Hollywood without being there. If you have ... Final Deadline: 02/20/15 Early: 02/21/15 Feature , Short WILLiFEST spotlights independent filmmakers and screenwriters from around the world. We encourage you to submit your work and join us in New ... Final Deadline: 05/16/15 Rolling: 03/01/15 Feature , TV Pilot , Short We have $5000 in prizes. Our main prizes include, a weekend workshop with Robert McKee, Inktip's Screenwriters Package, and The Great ... Final Deadline: 03/01/15 Regular: 03/01/15 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series Our mission is to inspire and encourage writers through a competitive showcase, while presenting a great networking opportunity for anyone ... Final Deadline: 03/15/15 Early: 03/02/15 Short , Web Series , Play The MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival Screenplay Competition is for screenplays for short films only. The focus of this competition is not only ... Final Deadline: 07/31/15 Early: 03/02/15 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play As fellow filmmakers we at the MassIFF understand the importance of reaching the right audience. Our goal since starting the festival has ... Final Deadline: 06/27/15 Regular: 03/31/15 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play , Novel ITALY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Festival Description Taking Place Milan Italy 2nd to 7th November 2015 One of the greatest festivals ... Final Deadline: 08/07/15 Early: 03/31/15 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series Welcome to the 2015 Courier Awards! Our mission is to discover new screenwriting talent and emerging filmmakers. The Courier Awards is a ... Final Deadline: 09/30/15 Final: 04/15/15 TV Pilot Over $3,000 in Cash and Prizes! All winners are sent to over 25 producers, agents and managers. Our intention is to help open doors for the ... Final Deadline: 04/15/15 Regular: 04/20/15 Feature , TV Pilot , Short Whether you have a teleplay or feature screenplay, AFF looks for a strong original voice. From the indie to the mainstream, we strive to ... Final Deadline: 05/20/15 Early: 04/24/15 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series Welcome to the Aura Screenwriter Awards! Our mission is to recognize new and emerging screenwriters and filmmakers. Final Deadline: 11/27/15 Regular: 05/01/15 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series Our mission is to inspire and encourage filmmakers and writers through a competitive showcase, while presenting a great networking ... Final Deadline: 05/15/15 Early: 06/27/15 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series Welcome to the Marquee Lights Competition! We discover new screenwriters and filmmakers, offering a $500 cash award to the top screenplay ... Final Deadline: 10/31/15 Regular: 06/30/15 Feature We seek to support and nurture the artistic entertainment literature (screenplays) of women for the benefit of an international and domestic ... Final Deadline: 09/30/15