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Posted: Jan 20, 2017 Hosted By: Jeff York

"The Bye Bye Man" misses its opportunity to create a truly frightening monster.


What makes a great movie monster? "The Bye Bye Man" thinks it's a villain that combines the ghoulish look of Lord Voldemort, the haunting presence of "Candy Man", and the ability to create psychological terror a la Freddy Krueger. Unfortunately, those pieces don't make for much of a whole here. Thus, this first-out-of-the gate horror movie for 2017 is mostly derivative and a great disappointment.

Sure, this haunted house story conjures a few good scares, jolting its three innocent college student tenants, but then the script takes too many turns for the worse. Smart characters suddenly act stupid, internal logic flies out the window, and worst of all, the "Bye Bye Man" isn't given a backstory. We don't know who he is or why he's there doing what he's doing. He may be a demon, but he's a ghost of an idea really, one not nearly developed enough to cause chills or thrills.

Posted: Jan 16, 2017 Hosted By: Jacob Krueger "When your judgement of your writing is based on fear, it has very little connection to reality. You may dismiss really brilliant writing as terrible, simple because you're afraid that other people aren't going to like it. Or you may fall in love with scenes that are not working simply because they feel safe to you..."
Posted: Jan 16, 2017 Hosted By: Jacob Krueger

Whenever you're talking about your writing or anything you want to be doing more of - eating healthy or working out at the gym - watch for when you're about yo say, "I have to...", or "I need to...", and reframe the question for yourself to be actually more truthful to reality, which is to say, "I choose to..."


Don't wake up and say, "I have to write." Wake up and say, "I choose to write."




Good Pitch Good Pitch brings together documentary filmmakers with foundations, NGOs, campaigners, philanthropists, policy makers, brands and media around leading social and environmental issues. ShortOfTheWeek.com We believe short films pave the future of storytelling and that the most interesting stories aren’t being told in theaters or on TV, they’re being told here on the web. SellingYourScreenplay.com - Interview with Tom Nunan

Episode #141


Tom Nunan

Mount St. Mary's College - MFA in Film and Television Welcome to Mount St. Mary's College Los Angeles MFA in Film & TV Program! We are proud to offer a weekend-based MFA Program, which will allow you to earn your degree in under 2 years! Interview w / Some Kind of Hate Writers, Adam Mortimer & Brian Deleeuw

Episode 92

Adam Egypt Mortimer & Brian DeLeeuw Screenwriters Of Some Kind Of Hate

Screenwriters Adam Egypt Mortimer & Brian DeLeeuw talk about how they got their new film, Some Kind Of Hate, produced.

The Boston Jewish Film Festival Presenting the best contemporary films from around the world on Jewish themes, The Boston Jewish Film Festival celebrates the richness of the Jewish experience through film and media. DIY Film Making: One Man's Journey to Sundance and Beyond

We're going to take a little detour from our regularly scheduled podcast and bring you an interview by Jacob Krueger Studio Director Chris Littler, with filmmaker Adam Bowers.


Adam shot a feature film, New Low, for $2000 and ended up a official selection of the Sundance Film Festival in 2010. He then managed to parlay that success into Paperback, a second feature at a much higher budget, which premiered at the Austin Film Festival this year.


If you are a film student here at Jacob Krueger Studio, you know it's an extraordinarily exciting time to be a filmmaker. We are seeing more and more people like Adam, who are making their own material. These writers have stopped waiting for people to say "yes" to them, and instead started saying "yes" to themselves, developing great screenplays and going out and shooting them.


Chris sat down with Adam and asked him a bunch of questions about his process, about what it means to be an indie filmmaker, and how he managed to shoot a film on $2000. He got some very interesting responses, particularly about some unexpected benefits of shooting micro budget, compared to his experience with a higher budget production.


Enjoy the interview! And then get out there and make some movies!

Everybody Wants Some: Structure Without Structure with Jacob Krueger

Richard Linklater has called this film a spiritual sequel to Dazed and Confused. He has also referred to it as a sequel to Boyhood, his brilliantly structured (although very unusually structured) film, which basically ends right before this film begins: at the end of boyhood and the beginning of college. Everybody Wants Some picks up the baton where Boyhood left off, and centers around a freshman baseball player who is just starting college in the days leading up to the first day of classes. And though the main character may be different from the character in Boyhood, and though the structure may be different than the structure of Boyhood, confined to a few days, rather than evolving over many years, Linklater is once again building a sprawling, multi-character journey around young kid in a different kind of family, at defining point of discovering his identity and what gives meaning in his life.


But the question remains: does Everybody Wants Some actually work?

TCBS Productions I started the company while in Arizona; building the electronic infrastructure for ECHO-Star in Gilbert. The company started with a Magazine called, "The Creation Brainstorm Magazine," Aspen Film Location scouting/managing, line producing, production managing and real people casting on national commercials, print campaigns, features and industrials. Mariposa County Film Commission The Mariposa County Board of Supervisors are quite proud of our beautiful county and believe that if offers a tremendous variety of wonderful backdrops for your next production. Skip to the End "Skip to the End…a fortnightly movies podcast, hosted by Adam, Ben & Mark. Each episode the boys will bring you news, reviews, features, challenges and plenty of opinions on cinema. Colombia Film Commision Providing location services and production incentives for filmmakers looking to shoot in Colombia, as well as coordinate with regional film commissions. St Albans Film Festival Featuring international films across many genres. Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate our 2nd International Film Festival. The fantastic filmmakers, hundreds of volunteers, the g Mastering the Logline with Barri Evins & Max Timm

You're about to listen to a recording of a live teleconference I recently had with producer and consultant Barri Evins. We discuss the ins and outs of how to create compelling loglines - from the essential elements of story to maximizing every word, we dive in and dissect how to put your logline over the top in the eyes of the pros. I also reiterate on the call how important it is to look at your logline as an exercise tool and a brainstorming technique. It's more than just a selling tool!


We review five loglines that were submitted for this live call, and it's a ton of fun listening to how Barri breaks the loglines down and offers supportive ideas and feedback - you can learn a lot from this interview, so listen in and hopefully you'll learn a thing or two. It's all about educating yourself! So you're on the right track by listening to our Podcasts, here.

Hollywood Therapy - Overcoming Writers Block There are different kinds of creative blocks and kinds of cures. Special guest David Silverman - writer, producer, LMFT - and ISA Teleconferences host Laurie Lamson discuss what writer’s have done in the past and what they can do now using psychology. Animation Block Party Exhibiting all genres of the world's best independent, professional and student animation. Beth Bohn Management Focusing primarily on advancing the professional efforts of production companies, directors, writers and producers, Ms. Bohn represents all aspects of her client’s television careers. Logline It! Try your logline on our readers before spending months writing your script. This is not a contest, there are no prizes. All you'll get is some help from your fellow writers. Gallagher Literary Known among top industry figures for exceptional taste and box office record, Rob Gallagher has unique insider expertise to get your script in the best shape before taking it to market. ISA Reviews: Stranger Things with Master Class Writer, Dan Pellar

The clever storytelling in Stranger Things has made it 2016's small screen phenomenon.


The Netflix series dropped on July 15th and yet the public is still talking about Stranger Things. Why? It's loaded with 80's nostalgia for a Millennial audience, sure, but more importantly, its shrewd genre storytelling takes familiar tropes and imbues them with enthralling new twists. We've all seen monster tales done with a big government conspiracy slant before, but not quite like what the Duffer Brothers have done here. For starters, they've created their show for discriminating adults, yet the characters at its center are four pre-teens. And unlike most genre efforts, this one has three women, of three different ages, driving the investigations into the disappearance of a small town boy. Stranger Things is full of rich characters, breathless action, and a crackling energy that makes each of its eight episodes zip by. What's not to love? And that's why everyone is still obsessing over it.

Rincon International Film Festival - Puerto Rico The Rincon International Film Festival - (April 11-17, 2016) is the largest film festival in Puerto Rico. Named one of MovieMaker Magazine's "25 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee." www.BradsMovies.com Start-to-Finish production services. Mauritius Film Development Corporation A one-stop-shop for filming in Mauritius, providing everything from economic incentives to location services to crew / equipment contacts. How to Write a T V Bible - Part 2 w / Jacob Krueger

As we discussed in Part 1 of this podcast, when TV producers ask for a series bible with your TV pilot script, they usually request it in a pretty strange form. And a lot of writers get confused about what producers are actually looking for when they ask for a bible and what's supposed to go in it.


Most bibles include a series logline, character bios for all the main characters, episode summaries the first season, and often summaries of the future seasons as well. But the truth is, if that's all you deliver, your bible's not going to take you very far.


Because producers are never really asking for a bunch of boring information about your TV series. What they're really asking is proof that you know what you're doing, and that your series pilot not only has a fabulous premise and collection of castable characters we'd want to spend our time binge watching, but also has the kind of ENGINE required to run for at least 5 years.


They don't want you to tell them it's going to run for 5 years. They want you to show them. By putting together your loglines, characters, and episodes into a short sweet document that they can't say no to!


So what should that document contain? And how exactly do you write it?


Don Buchwald & Associates, Inc. Today we proudly offer representation in all areas of the entertainment industry including our Film, Theater and Television department, our Literary department, our Television and Film.
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