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Feature, TV Pilot, Web Series
Early Registration ends: 04/18/2017
Contest Begins: 03/09/2017   Ends: 06/28/2017
FEE: $45/$40 Enter Contest


Receives CASH



Our goal is to help you, the emerging screenwriter develop as a storyteller, show off your talents to industry, and provide you with a cash prize to help propel you along in your screenwriting career.

The new season of the Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition is proud to announce that the Grand Prize Winning screenplay is guaranteed to be read by literary managers and executives! You will also receive an invitation into the ISA Development Program, where the team will work with you to further package and champion your winning script to more industry execs for a full year! 8 writers have signed option agreements or signed with an agency in the past 18 months. Many more are being reviewed by top producers in the industry. 

Plus you'll split $25,000 in cash prizes and you'll go to Robert McKee's Renowned Story Seminar in New York or LA to learn in-depth techniques and lessons on story.




Brought to you by the International Screenwriters’ Association

Sponsored by McKee Story


Grand Prize Winner will receive:

  • $10,000 CASH!
  • Guaranteed Reads by Industry Reps
  • ISA Development Program Invitation
2nd - 6th Place Winners will receive: 
  • 2nd Place: $5,000
  • 3rd Place: $4,000
  • 4th Place: $3,000
  • 5th Place: $2,000
  • 6th Place: $1,000
  • ISA Development Program Consideration
  • 1 Year CONNECT Membership
  • Full Scholarship to the New York or Los Angeles STORY Seminar!
  • Included in ISA Spotlight

TOP 100 will receive: 

  • ISA Craft Course Online
  • 6 Month CONNECT Membership

TV Pilots/Web Series and Features Run Together!


In addition to submission, you have the option to add on script analysis services!  Your options are listed below:

  • First 20 Pages (1-2 pages of notes): $30
  • General Analysis (2-3 pages of notes):  $50
  • Extended Analysis (5-6 pages of notes): $120


Feature - TOP 100 - 08/31/2017
Feature - Top 6 & Grand Prize - 10/04/2017

TV Pilot - TOP 100 - 08/31/2017
TV Pilot - Top 6 & Grand Prize - 10/04/2017

Web Series - TOP 100 - 08/31/2017
Web Series - Top 6 & Grand Prize - 10/04/2017


Feature [70-120 pages]
- Action - Adventure - Animation - Comedy - Drama - Family - Fantasy - Horror - Science Fiction - Thriller

TV Pilot [10-70 pages]
- Action - Adventure - Animation - Comedy - Drama - Family - Fantasy - Horror - Science Fiction - Thriller

Web Series [10-70 pages]
- Action - Adventure - Animation - Comedy - Drama - Family - Fantasy - Horror - Science Fiction - Thriller

Languages: English
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