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Feature, TV Pilot, Short, Play, Novel
Regular Registration ends: 04/02/2017
Contest Begins: 03/06/2017   Ends: 04/23/2017
FEE: $39/$34 Enter Contest

After the success of our 2016 contests, we are delighted to announce the WriteMovies Spring 2017 Screenwriting Competition! We took a careful review this time of what writers value most about our competitions and how we can ensure that every submission gets several script professionals' oversight before any judgment is passed. So now there's $1500 available in prize money plus over $3000 in script development available from us - so that we can promise to continue to develop and promote three winners to the top of the international film industry, through the writing company with the strongest track record of delivering success to its winning entries - us. Hundreds of writers have found representation and many have had their scripts produced through our competitions since 1999. Screenplays, teleplays and pilot scripts are all welcomed.


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Feature - Finalists, Runers-up, Winners - 07/07/2017
Feature - Quarter Finals - 06/09/2017
Feature - Semi Finals - 06/23/2017

TV Pilot - Finalists, Runers-up, Winners - 07/07/2017
TV Pilot - Quarter Finals - 06/09/2017
TV Pilot - Semi Finals - 06/23/2017

Short - Finalists, Runers-up, Winners - 07/07/2017
Short - Quarter Finals - 06/09/2017
Short - Semi Finals - 06/23/2017

Play - Finalists, Runers-up, Winners - 07/07/2017
Play - Quarter Finals - 06/09/2017
Play - Semi Finals - 06/23/2017

Novel - Finalists, Runers-up, Winners - 07/07/2017
Novel - Quarter Finals - 06/09/2017
Novel - Semi Finals - 06/23/2017


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