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Feature, TV Pilot, Play, Novel
Late Registration ends: 04/04/2017
Contest Begins: 12/01/2016   Ends: 06/06/2017
FEE: $55/$50 Enter Contest

Our mission is to forge a screenwriting competition that will launch the careers of cinema's next generation of writers and filmmakers. Our team of industry professionals is passionate about developing artists. We want our competition to be a bridge between up and coming artists and the talent agents and managers that will ultimately put them in front of studio executives in both Canada and the US. We are also passionate about introducing them to the various producers and production teams that call our city their home.


We love all kinds of scripts and stories from studio blockbusters to art house fare. No two paths are the same and no two stories are either. We accept scripts from all over the world not just the US and Canada and from artists of all shapes and sizes, colors and ethnicities, sexes and sexual orientations.

Our city has a long history of nurturing and showcasing the most talented filmmakers in the entertainment industry. We want to give screenwriters the same level of exposure. We want to develop writers to work on studio films as well as high end independents. We want to inspire, support, and develop writers at all levels to make great films that leave others touched, moved and inspired.


Our aim is to open doors for aspiring writers and filmmakers in all genres.


Feature - Winners Announced! - 06/30/2017

TV Pilot - Winners Announced! - 06/30/2017

Play - Winners Announced! - 06/30/2017

Novel - Winners Announced! - 06/30/2017


Feature [5-180 pages]
- All Genres

TV Pilot [5-75 pages]
- All Genres

Play [5-180 pages]
- All Genres

Novel [5-200 pages]
- All Genres

Languages: English, French

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