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Itching to submit to a contest but are having troubles logging in? Find your solutions here!
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CONNECT Memberships
Discover the many advantages of upgrading to CONNECT membership!
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Uploading material to my account
Are you a new user and are discovering the benefits of having a membership? Learn how to upload your material here!
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Granting Access to Requested Material
You have a bite! Someone would like access to your logline, synopsis, or screenplay. Now what?
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Learn how to manage your newsletter and email notification settings.
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Success Stories
I have a Success Story! How do I get featured?
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Are you submitting a class, contest, service, product, or event to ISA?
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Past Newsletters
Reliving tips and tricks from the past ISA newsletters!
7 9 week(s) ago
Celebrating cinema in 2016.
6 43 week(s) ago
Best Original Screenplay - Oscars 2016
Surprises and Snubs for our favorite category?
1 58 week(s) ago
Notable Lists
Best screenplays as voted by major screenplay and film organizations.
7 63 week(s) ago
Best Speeches or Monologues
These writers produced the most memorable speeches, diatribes, or monologues in cinematic history.
4 40 week(s) ago
Hollywood and Religion
Christianity and Hollywood don't always mix. Love a Christian/religious film you felt actually "worked?" Let us know why!
4 38 week(s) ago
Best Holiday movies
Good ones don't always come along, but when one does they become part of our childhoods!
5 38 week(s) ago
Favorite Screenwriting Blog
Do you have a go-to blog that helps with your writing? Do you recommend to all your writing friends? Share the articles here!
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PDF Scripts
Find a good PDF version of a buzzworthy pilot or movie? Share here!
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Memorable Quotes
Let us know your favorite movie quote and why you feel it was relevant to the history of cinema!
9 29 week(s) ago
Your Protagonist
What makes a memorable hero? Actually, what makes your character a hero?
31 38 week(s) ago
What makes a good villain?
They said heroes are only as "good" as their villains. What makes for a memorable cinematic villain?
2 46 week(s) ago
Favorite Software?
Have a preference of screenwriting software? Let us know your favorite features!
10 7 week(s) ago
***SPOILER ALERT*** Good endings
We've all heard the expression before. Endings can make or break a movie. What are movie endings that topped off perfectly (or saved) a film?
2 46 week(s) ago
Novel to Film Adaptations
Film adaptations of popular book franchises. They pop up in Hollywood all the time. They're easy money for an existing fan base. Who did it best?
3 49 week(s) ago
More...or less?
There were remakes ad there a rise in female directors! What do you wish there is more or less of in cinema?
3 46 week(s) ago
The Art of the Query
Have a great screenplay but your query letter just isn't cutting it?
3 38 week(s) ago
Curse of January Releases?
After the awards worthy films of November and December, January seems to be a month of box office flops and awful reviews. Was there a January release you actually liked?
1 49 week(s) ago
Best Cliffhangers
Okay, not everything can be resolved by season's end. What are the best cliffhangers of a television series?
1 46 week(s) ago
Best indie screenwriters
Celebrating the best of indie screenwriters!
3 75 week(s) ago
Best Screenwriters of 2015
It may be too early to call Oscar pics, but who are your favorite screenwriters of this past year? Why did you choose them?
2 69 week(s) ago
Next Gen of Female Screenwriters
Here are the next generation of female writers!
3 67 week(s) ago
Female Showrunners
From Shonda Rhimes to Jenji Kohan, women have more and more found a place at the forefront of television. Whose career inspires you most?
2 45 week(s) ago
Female Directors
There's been a rise in recognizing female creatives in entertainment.
4 54 week(s) ago
Quotes from the Best
Tips, tricks, and inspiration from the best in the business.
2 75 week(s) ago
Great artists aren't born. They spend years mastering the craft. Hear from the industry's leading screenwriters on their careers!
2 76 week(s) ago
What's in a Formula?
You've learned the rules in film school. Now let's break 'em, shall we?
4 40 week(s) ago
Sequel writers
The inevitable sequel. Is the franchise's first offer a fluke, or do we like our second and third offerings?
2 43 week(s) ago
Writers Guild of American, West and the Writers Guild Foundation
Did you know that the Writers Guild Foundation holds weekly library hours that are open to the public? (Ahem, Or that they have a list of Guild Signatory Agents and Agency list? (Psst, here: ) Well, now you do!
1 78 week(s) ago
The Agent-Writer Relationship
Are writers only as good as their reps? What do you look for in a literary representative?
4 43 week(s) ago
Habits of Very Successful Screenwriters
We've read about the habits of entrepreneurs and billionaires, but what about screenwriters?
10 41 week(s) ago
Dream Interviews
Who would you personally like the ISA to interview? Let us know!
1 44 week(s) ago
Writers Guild of America Awards 2016
What a great year for television!
1 67 week(s) ago
3 45 week(s) ago
4 15 week(s) ago
5 49 week(s) ago
3 43 week(s) ago
10 34 week(s) ago
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Genre of Choice
We've all been there as a writer. We want to write for one genre but are better at another. Here are tips on mastering your specific genre.
1 75 week(s) ago
Writing Tips and Tools
How do we create and develop entertaining stories? At the end of the day, we ALL love a good story, but what makes a story truly engaging? A LOT of things! There are so many components that make up the “whole” that it’s a waste of time to argue over which is more important. Let's dive in.
10 28 week(s) ago
Pitching Tips
Have you had a successful pitching session? What advice do you have to give your fellow writers?
1 49 week(s) ago
Film Schools
In 2016, is film school necessary to succeed in entertainment?
1 46 week(s) ago
Writing Partners
The advantages and challenges of writing with a partner.
1 41 week(s) ago
New year, New...Writing Goals
Share your new goals and writing habits this year!
1 43 week(s) ago
Feedback from Script Readers
What advice have you heard from script readers that you can share with fellow aspiring writers?
2 76 week(s) ago
TV Series Bible
Need tips on creating a solid series bible for your series?
1 63 week(s) ago
Hear from the Pros!
Tips straight from our favorite screenwriting gurus!
3 44 week(s) ago
Writer's Block
What are some tips to getting through writer's block?
7 49 week(s) ago
Reading Screenplays You Love
Some of the greatest writers study their favorite films' screenplays. What are great scripts to study when learning the craft?
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Defining the voice
What is your voice exactly? What separates the writing of Tarantino to, say, Diablo Cody?
2 28 week(s) ago
One way or another
Can you find a voice in multiple genres? Has any writer done that effectively?
2 38 week(s) ago
Writing is Re-Writing
We’ve all heard that “the best writing is rewriting.” Let’s talk about it!
3 57 week(s) ago
The Visual Representation
We're all different as writers - tone, style, dialogue, etc. If you could choose a visual representation of your voice, what would it be? Post a picture here!
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What habits can you pick up as a writer to develop your voice?
2 78 week(s) ago
Indie vs. Studio
What are the advantages in writing an indie spec to breakthrough?
1 46 week(s) ago
Sundance 2016
In a year when Netflix and Amazon acquired films from the renowned film festival, what were your thoughts on this year's Sundance?
3 59 week(s) ago
Golden Globes 2016
All things Golden Globes 2016!...and maybe a bit about host Ricky Gervais.
2 62 week(s) ago
Oscars 2016
Rants and Raves on the illustrious awards show.
5 56 week(s) ago
Writers Guild of America Awards 2016
The WGA Awards, the awards that focus solely on the writers!
1 63 week(s) ago
Academy Awards 2016
The best of the best in 2015.
1 63 week(s) ago
2015 Fall lineup
What's hot and what's not? Which fall television series are you looking to DVR most? Is it a brand new series or a return?
2 76 week(s) ago
Critic reviews. Do they really matter? Share your honest opinions on the season's most regarded films!
1 77 week(s) ago
Emmys 2015
All things Emmys 2015!
1 81 week(s) ago
Award-nominated Producers
Interviews with television's biggest showrunners and producers!
2 80 week(s) ago
Classic Cinema
We've seen good films. We've seen great films. But what are the ingredients of a "classic" film?
1 63 week(s) ago
Looking for a Writing partner? Connect here!
This is an area where you can post that you're looking for help with your project or to simply offer your services to the public, hopefully connecting with another like-minded writer in need. As always, the more detailed you can be with your requests or the description of what you want to do, the better!
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Looking for Crew
In this section, feel free to place requests for crew for your upcoming productions!
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Curious About Screenwriting podcast
Podcasts from leading industry pros.
1 28 week(s) ago
Connecting at Film Festivals
How to make the most of your film festival experience!
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Social Media
Your Twitter and Instagram are more important thank you think. Maybe it's time to stop posting about your wild Saturday nights.
10 46 week(s) ago
The Cold Call or Email?
The industry is ever growing, and so are means of communication. When trying to connect to an agent or manager, what are the most effective ways in making that first impression?
1 58 week(s) ago
A place for discussions related to networking opportunities and as a subject professional concern for screenwriters.
5 30 week(s) ago
Networking Events
List of amazing networking opportunities for the entertainment community!
5 49 week(s) ago
Pitching festivals
Tips and tricks in having a successful pitching session.
2 43 week(s) ago
The Pitch
What to DO on not to DO at a meeting.
4 46 week(s) ago
The New Hollywood
Los Angeles isn't the only place to connect with pros.
2 38 week(s) ago
Sundance 2016
All things Sundance! Best networking events, panels, and screenings!
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Business Cards
Creating the best business card to market yourself.
1 56 week(s) ago
Industry Jobs
Sharing tips on breaking into the industry via entry jobs.
1 54 week(s) ago
This is the place where you can find all classes related discussions.
18 19 week(s) ago
This is the place where you can find all consultants related discussions.
9 6 week(s) ago
This is the place where you can find all contests related discussions.
117 3 week(s) ago
This is the place where you can find all products related discussions.
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This is the place where you can find all events related discussions.
35 31 week(s) ago
The Rise of the Digital Platform
Netflix is reigning supreme in the world of...television? Where will television be in 5 years?
4 29 week(s) ago
New Gen 2016
A look at the rise of tomorrow's hottest stars and filmmakers.
2 59 week(s) ago
With the exit of the UK from the European Union, what implications does it have on our favorite shows like "Game of Thrones" and other programs shot in Britain?
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For discussions related to the registration of screenplays as a means of securing copyright to the rightful owner.
4 61 week(s) ago
Favorite Screenwriting Memes
Have a screenwriting meme that gets you going til you finish your draft? Post it here!
4 68 week(s) ago
Music can add (or take) away from your story.
4 46 week(s) ago
Beginning. Middle. End. Content. Delivery. Commercials are a great platform to tell stories via marketing.
2 46 week(s) ago
Send us your pics!
How did you spend your day writing? Post your pic of your POV be it the coffee shop, staring out the window, your patio, or the park! How creative can we get?
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Did your favorite shows get canceled this year? Why should they have been saved? Sound off!
1 40 week(s) ago
All in a weekend
Suggestions for shows to binge watch over the weekend be it On Demand or online!
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In Memoriam
Remember the cinematic achievements of those we lost this year.
3 52 week(s) ago