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Writers Database
Your screenplay loglines are searchable by ISA approved producers, directors, agents and managers.
Upload an unlimited number of your screenplays and maintain total control over who sees your synopses and/or screenplays.
Writing Gigs
Exclusive 5-day advance access plus email notifications.
Exclusive discounts on many classes, contests, events and products listed on the ISA website.
Success Stories
Only CONNECT members are featured on our Success Stories page, plus many are included in ISA notices reaching over 10,000 Industry Pros.
ISA Development Program
You could be invited into the Development Program and recommended directly to industry pros, which may lead to representation and/or option agreements. This is a free service exclusively available to invited CONNECT Members only.
ISA Development Program

With our ongoing intent to support our members and screenwriters everywhere, the ISA is launching the "ISA Development Program". What is this, you ask? We are well aware of how challenging it can be to break in to this highly competitive business. We also know that at times it can feel like playing the lottery. It can even feel as if the quality of material may not even matter when it comes to selling a project. We've been listening, and we hear you.

What the ISA is determined to do is promote our CONNECT members beyond just their past successes, and instead create new ones for you. While it is still in its early stages, The ISA Development Program has already helped numerous writers option their material to major production companies - just in the past few months. Take a look at the testimonials below, and see for yourself.

The Purpose of the ISA Development Program:

  • Provide our CONNECT members with a service that allows their projects to be reviewed, developed, critiqued, and featured through our website, as well as promoted and submitted to industry professionals.
  • Submit material to Industry Professionals on behalf of the writer. The ISA does not and will never attach itself to a writer's project, or in other words, if you sell or option a project, it's your project and therefore your accomplishment. We're simply opening the door for you so that you can shine like we already believe you can.
  • Offer direct support and creative guidance to CONNECT members.

Further Details to Consider:

  • At the moment and until further notice, the ISA Development Program is on an invite-only basis.
  • The program is open only to CONNECT members. We value our free members and promise to provide as much material and resources for ALL of our members, but our CONNECT members tend to show the right amount of dedication and tenacity, and therefore we are offering another valuable resource for them.
"I must say - a lot of people talk - but you actually do the deed. I am sincerely impressed with the outstanding efforts you guys at the ISA have done to promote me and my work. It's refreshing to see you step up and actually try (and succeed) in delivering. Most don't give a shit - but, you sir are proving to be the exception to the rule. Thank you again for actually showing you do care - and a big pat on the back for Max Timm - who clearly doesn't stop working even on Saturdays."
~ DC Sayre, ISA Development Program screenwriter
"I thought winning and placing in a number of national screenplay contests would open the doors of Hollywood immediately. It didn't. But it did introduce me to Max Timm and the great people at the International Screenwriters Association. More than just another writer's group, the ISA promoted my screenplays to their wide range of connections, including film producers and even literary managers looking for my style of writing. They also made logline suggestions, along with ways to make my screenplays more marketable. I'm proud to be an ISA member, and to work with a group who works hard for writers on the rise."
~ Vin Morreale
"The ISA Development Program" truly walks the walk. Their belief in screenwriters is not just lip service. They not only care enough to help develop your scripts but then they help get them into the hands of managers and production companies. It goes so far beyond what other screenwriting websites do, some of them which do a lot, but the ISA does more."
~ Jeff York

Upgrade your ISA Membership below and CONNECT with ISA approved Industry Pros ready to help your career. Upload as many screenplays as you'd like with as much information as you'd like because you are in control. No content is shared without your permission. Don't forget to add screenplays that have already had some success, including optioned and produced screenplays as well as contest award winners.

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  1. 1) Post a Writing Gig with specific details pertaining to the kind of screenwriter or screenplay you seek.
  2. 2) Search our Writers Database based on keywords assigned to screenplays or screenwriters.
  3. 3) Search our Success Stories page for accomplished screenwriters and choose one of their award-winning screenplays.

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A notification will be sent to the screenwriter requesting further access. The writer can either approve or deny access to his/her work. If access is granted, you will receive an email and an update to your 'Registrations' panel, as shown below. Once you review the 'Access Granted' (AG) content, you can communicate further through your 'Registrations' panel or through the ISA messaging system.


If you'd like to hire a writer, option or purchase a screenplay, you are under no obligation to keep us involved.

Please communicate directly with the ISA member through our system as long as you like, or contact them directly through their personal email address provided to you once you have received access to their script.

We simply request that you give the ISA a 'Screenplay Facilitation' credit on IMDb and in your film credits. And don't forget to post the news on our Success Stories page or email us and we'll post for you!

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