Posted: Aug 26, 2015 Hosted By: Laurie Lamson Guest: Martie Cook

Television has entered a new golden age.  And it’s all about original content. Which means for writers and creators, television is the place to be. TV shows and webisodes can be produced quickly (relatively speaking) and viewed globally by millions of people.  Producers, agents, managers, and executives are all scrambling to find the next big hit.  It could come from you.  


In Write To TV: Perfecting Your Television Pilot with special guest Martie Cook you’ll learn how to:

  • Know if your idea is big enough for a series
  • Tap into the emotional connection between you and your pilot
  • Develop your big idea for today’s marketplace
  • Introduce characters with conflict and opposing viewpoints
  • Find the right story for your pilot
  • Outline your series in a way that will attract studios and networks.  
  • Tailor your series for a particular broadcast or cable network
  • Maintain control of your pilot should you make a sale
  • Get inside the minds of executives 

In Write To TV: Perfecting your Television Pilot you will also gain practical advice from studio and network executives, agents and managers, and Oscar and Emmy-winning writers on how write the best pilot possible and increase your chances of making that big sale.


Martie Cook has over three decades of experience as a respected writer and producer of television and film. She has worked for all four major networks and PBS as well as for Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures, and Universal Studios.  


A member of the Writers Guild of America West, Cook has written for hit television shows such as the top-ten Nielsen rated Full House, and the cult classic, Charles in Charge. She has served as a writer/producer for Entertainment Tonight, America's Most Wanted, and the PBS Emmy-award winning children's show Zoom. Recently, she sold an idea for a pilot to Jerry Bruchkeimer Television, Warner Bros., and NBC.  


Cook currently teaches screenwriting at Emerson College in Boston, MA, where she also serves as Associate Chair in the Visual and Media Arts Department. Cook’s critically acclaimed book, Write To TV: Out of Your Head and Onto the Screen, Second Edition  (Focal Press/Taylor & Francis Group) is used by professional writers, in college classrooms, and by budding writers alike.