Interview w/Exec Producer on Shameless & South Park, Nancy Pimental (ISA Sponsored)

Posted: Sep 3, 2015 Hosted By: Jen Grisanti Guest: Nancy Pimental

Nancy is an Executive Producer on Shameless on Showtime. Nancy received her first of two Emmy Award nominations for her writing work on the iconic TV show South Park where she penned upwards of twenty scripts during her four seasons there.  She was nominated on her second Emmy as the spunky, dry wooded co-host on Comedy Central’s Win Ben Stein’s Money. Preparing for career and entertainment, Pimental, a Massachusetts native, naturally received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from Wooster Polytechnic Institute.


Upon graduation, Nancy took the traditional steps towards furthering her engineering career by moving to Los Angeles and performing standup, sketch and improv comedy. Her writing career began when she wrote a spec of South Park and it landed in the hands on one of the show’s creators.  Around the same time, Pimental sold her first screenplay, The Sweetest Thing, starring Cameron Diaz, to Columbia Studios and wrote and produced her first TV pilot for Fox Television starring Jenny McCarthy. Nancy continues to work in film and TV for Sony, Disney, NBC, Fox, and Showtime.  Having been on all sides of the camera, Nancy is now taking her experiences and skills from the past eleven years as a writer, performer and producer and is applying them to directing.  Nancy can work with any actor to get the performance she needs just as easily she can talk to her crew and enlist their technical support to execute her vision. Nancy is a firm believer in collaboration and thinks that every person on set is a valuable asset to the film making process.



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