Perfect The Pitch w/ Leading Pitch Expert & Instructor, Jacob Krueger (ISA Sponsored)

Posted: Oct 1, 2015 Hosted By: Max Timm Guest: Jacob Krueger

With this four-part interview series, Max Timm – the Director of Community Outreach – interviews four experts on the logline writing and pitching process. In this interview we have Jacob Krueger, pitching expert and founder of the Jacob Krueger Studio.



Jacob Krueger has worked with thousands of writers, from Academy and Tony Award Winners, to beginning writers picking up the pen for the first time.  The founder of Jacob Krueger Studio in New York City, Jacob is an award winning screenwriter, playwright, producer and director. Jacob’s first produced movie, The Matthew Shepard Story (2002) won him the Writers Guild of America Paul Selvin Award and a Gemini Nomination for Best Screenplay. In an informative podcast interview, Jacob shows his expertise on pitching and gives a spirited and inspirational approach to your pitch process. Jacob and the ISA have established a lasting relationship, and we’re proud to be in association with his top quality studio. Find more about him at


In this short series of interviews, Max interview experts on the craft – people who have taken and given thousands of pitches. We expect that you’ll get a lot out of these interviews, so enjoy the conversation, thanks for being a member and fan of the ISA and our Curious About Screenwriting podcasts. Keep writing.