TV Writing Essentials w / David Rambo, Co-Exec Producer on EMPIRE (ISA Sponsored)

Posted: Oct 28, 2015 Hosted By: Max Timm Guest: David Rambo

After working as an actor, David Rambo caught the writing bug and wrote and produced plays, making a rather successful career out of playwriting. When one of his plays was recognized by the staffers at CSI, David’s career was suddenly changed forever. He was hired as a Staff Writer on CSI and, as David remarks, his seven seasons on the show was like his grad school. Learning the intricate ins and outs of the TV writing world, as well as the hierarchy of a writer’s room, David has been working regularly ever since. He eventually moved on to Co-Executive Produce the show V, then the NBC hit (that I’m still disappointed is no longer on the air), Revolution, to the now airing and massive success, Empire. David was the Co-Executive Producer on Empire’s first season, and we talk a lot about the show’s impact on the TV culture, as well as the shifting trends of the industry.


Currently working on two pilots that were recently picked up by major networks, David took a story break and jumped on the phone with us. His knowledge and expertise knows no bounds, so we really hope you all listen closely. He has some real nuggets of advice and wisdom here. As always, thanks for listening to the ISA’s Curious About Screenwriting podcasts, and when sharing them on social media, don’t forget to tag us @networkISA on Twitter and Instagram, and you can find your host, Max Timm, on Twitter @iMaxTimm and on Instagram @InstaMax9. Thanks for being a fan of the ISA, and happy writing.


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