The Craft: A Sidenote for the TV Writer, with Max Timm (ISA Sponsored)

Posted: Apr 8, 2016 Hosted By: Max Timm

I'm taking a little break from the regular sequence to sequence episode structure here - it helps to keep things fresh and a little different, and to offer some insights on other aspects of the writing process beyond just the structural make-up. So I'll be releasing episodes called "The Sidenote" from time to time, and probably at random simply because ideas for other podcast topics pop into my head now and then and I want to, like I said, keep things fresh. And that's actually one of the topics today, but I'll get to that.


So while we work our way toward one of the most important sequences in a script - Sequence 6 - and take a little break, I want to take a step back and address a disclaimer I have not quite mentioned in my previous talks here. Applying the structural tools I've been teaching so far to writing for television.