Write Hot Episode 5: Book Piracy & the LA Book Fest w / Rhonda Rees (ISA Sponsored)

Posted: Jun 1, 2016 Hosted By: Laura Powers

In this interview, Laura Powers talks with Publicist Rhonda Rees about how online piracy affects authors. We also discussed the LA Book Festival and how to prepare for it and other book festivals and fairs as an author. We specifically addressed how to check for online piracy of your books as well as how to handle it if you do find your work being pirated on a website. It has to do with using a DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) Takedown request. Hopefully you won't need this but in case your work is pirated as an author, this is very helpful. April 23rd is World Book Day or World Book Copyright Day is April 23rd and Rhonda has organized a campaign to help authors and publishers understand this real problem. You can read about this initiative and learn about Rhonda here:

We also addressed the benefits of hiring a publicist and the process of working with a publicist if you are interested in hiring one. We talked a little bit about my work in the psychic realm. To follow the podcast and other updates, you can find the Write Hot Facebook page. For more information on me (Laura Powers) and my work as a psychic, you can go to Happy listening!