The Myth of 3 Act Structure with Jacob Krueger and Max Timm (ISA Sponsored)

Posted: Aug 28, 2016 Hosted By: Max Timm Guest: Jacob Krueger

This is a recording of a live teleconference from Saturday, August 20, 2016...


Jacob Krueger has been a friend of the ISA for years. We've supported his Jacob Krueger Studio in multiple ways, and he has done the same for the ISA. We consider Jacob and his as part of the ISA family, so it's ironic that this is the first time he and I have jumped on a podcast together! In this recording of a live teleconference, Jacob and I discuss the intricate elements of his approach to story by way of seven acts, and how three acts may be the industry standard, but it doesn't necessarily help a writer during the writing process, specifically. I especially love his approach to the acts as being a series of choices - one choice after another that then allows for a more structured and character-motivated approach to building your story. He isn't throwing out the old Syd Field way of breaking a story, he's merely allowing a writer to dive much deeper into his/her script, and developing a much more emotional and conflict-oriented adventure. Even though this teleconference was a bit shorter than usual, it's packed with excellent tips, advice, and insights which is the norm any time Jacob grabs the mic.