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William B. Keller's The Samaritans produced by A Studio on Mars The Samaritans, a short screenplay written by William B. Keller was filmed by A Studio on Mars.  Entered in multiple contests, the film has been screened several times.
William B. Keller's screenplay Retribution optioned. Producer Joel Reisig has optioned William B. Keller's Retribution.  Joel has produced ten feature films.
William B. Keller's DEADLY REUNION Optioned by Baron Jay Littleton Jr. With forty-one acting credits and three producer credits, Baron Jay has optioned "Deadly Reunion" from William B. Keller. Production is scheduled for 2015.
William B. Keller options Serial Killer to Gorilla Studios William B. Keller's screenplay titled Serial Killer, a thriller in one location, was optioned by Gorilla Studios  in Miami, Florida.  This is the fourth screenplay William has optioned.  The contact was made through ISA's Writing Gigs. Tags: Gorilla Studios