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Thomas Thorpe was the Project Manager of NASA’s highly successful Mars Global Surveyor Mission. Mr. Thorpe has published six historical mystery thrillers of the Darmon Mystery series about a couple that solves international crimes during the 1830’s. He has written three screenplays adapted from this series which have were finalists in a number of national contests:

1. Night Wind to Bahia: Tthe odyssey of two couples shipwrecked on the coast of Brazil in 1834 at the time of civil war and rebellion. Subplots: A down-and-out Nobleman learns the meaning of wealth. The practice of slavery dealt a mortal blow to Brazil’s economic prosperity.WGA823255

2. Patriote Peril: On the eve of the Patriote rebellion, a woman pursues her family's kidnappers. to Quebec City where she finds another posing as herself .WGA255895

3.The Forth Contention is about family and friendship put to the ultimate test. William Darmon, a successful intelligent aristocrat faces financial ruin while his lifelong well-meaning friend, Charles Bagwell causes disaster when he tries to prevent the loss of William’s manor, Mayfair Hall.  Meanwhile the rival Forth family moves to take over the Darmon holdings in a race across three continents to secure title to the property.WGA1190193



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Escape to Planet B346
The Forth Conspiracy
Patriote Peril
Night Wind to Bahia
Desperate Crossing
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