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One of a new generation of writer/director/producers with a penchant for action meshed with romance, I was born in post-apartheid South Africa, then raised in Italy. I now live in Los Angeles.


Not surprisingly, Neill Blomkamp's District Nine is one of my favorite films. But so is Antonioni's Blow Up and Catherine Hardwicke's Twilight.


In fact, seeing Twilight was a Star-Wars moment for me. I realized then that I wanted to make films about amazing women, whether they were vampires, like Bella, or the protagonists of my latest project, Flamin' Mamie's Bouffant Belles, who were the inspiration for an entire generation of female athletes in the sixties.


Together with development of the Bouffant Belles project, I am currently collaborating on a 2015 Sundance Labs finalist script, Dacoit, and putting the final touches to my first-person interactive video - His-Her - starring celebrity photographer, Tyler Shields (Final Girl). This high-octane fashion shoot - filmed in a moving car in the Mojave Desert - permits the viewer to switch between Tyler and his model's perspectives.


I am also preparing to crowdfund my short film Turn On Desire. This is a dystopian love story, which I wrote as a first-person POV, challenging the conventional use of this technique as an action vehicle.


Recently completed projects include production of James Franco's Moon, which was my second venture with Franco. Previously I directed City Bus, one of a collection of short films in his Boswell anthology, Heyday Of The Insensitive Bastards. City Bus screened at the 2016 Hollyshorts Film Festival and will also screen at LA Shorts Fest later this year.


Before this, I was shortlisted to direct the new Lionsgate's Twilight web series, having previously interned for Catherine Hardwicke and then directed Second Unit on her Jason Blum production of Plush. Here I created Urban Migration, the music video with vocals by Xavier Samuel that plays as a film-within-a-film in Plush.





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