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I started a career in Hollywood 20 years ago, working as a lighting technician for Roger Corman's studio.  Over the years, I've worked in various positions on some of Hollywood's biggest movies and TV shows, while also pursuing my dream of writing and directing my own projects.


In 2010 I wrote, produced and directed my first movie, a comedy feature, "Assisted Fishing".  It played at eight film festivals and won "Best Comedy Feature" at the American Independent Film festival.  The film is available through Amazon.


My last few screenplays have been of the sci-fi genre.  "Dragon Moon" won the International Horror and Sci-Fi film festival screenplay contest in 2013.  "Genesis Prime" won the 2013 Shriekfest Film Festival screenplay contest.  "Genesis Prime" has also been a finalist or placed in eleven other contests.


A TV pilot "Pandora's Blight" has been entered into a few contests, and I'm awaiting results.  The Big Star Screenwriting Contest named it as a finalist.

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Assisted Fishing
Pandora's Blight
TV Pilot
Genesis Prime
Dragon Moon
Cross of the Savage

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