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My love for movies and TV reaches as far back as I can remember, and never has my passion dimmed. I was raised in the smallest city in England, Ripon, which is in the north near Leeds. My first short film was a satirical comedy, The Double Glazing Berserker, which was financed with a grant from my local council. It was screened at several festivals, commended at the Guernsey International short film festival and nominated for best low budget short at the Halloween Shorts Festival 2004.


After making a host of shorts I studied Film and Moving Media Image at college and then went on to complete a Film and Television Production degree at the University of Westminster where I retained a Gold Scholarship throughout. I specialized in writing, and my script for a Lynx/Axe commercial went on to win Best in Brief, Best Casting and Best Overall at the Kodak Commercial Awards 09 held at BAFTA.


With this success I went on to secure a job as Assistant Director of Media for Triangle Entertainment in Miami, where I read and reviewed a plethora of scripts as well as write and develop treatments. I left my position there because Triangle commissioned me to write an action/adventure mini-series about two famous Vikings called Erik The Red, which has an Oscar nominated actor and acclaimed director attached. It also has distribution set up both in the US and Europe.


In 2012 Triangle commissioned me to write an action/thriller called Snatched Away about a teenage girl who goes missing while vacationing in the Caribbean, and her ex-marine neighbour who sets out to find her. It's recently been picked up by a major US distributor and has attracted A list talent. I also optioned a sitcom to Liverbird Productions that year.


Through my company, Uncharted Productions, I've directed and produced a number of infomercials, corporate and promo videos, alongside personal projects.

I've worked on a variety of spec screenplays, including my elevated action/thriller, Evil's Bane, which made it to the quarter finals of the 2012 Page Awards, the semi-finals of the Creative World Awards, the semi-finals of the Fresh Voices Competition, 3rd place at The Writer's Place Competition out of 1500 entries, 2nd place at the LA Screenplay Competition, and Slamdance gave it a rave review.


In 2014 I was commissioned to develop a WW2 mini-series with an English/Indian based production company and myaction adventure spec, Red God, was a finalist in the Scriptapalooza Competition and reached the top 15% of the Nicholl Fellowship. In 2015 I was commissioned to write a comedy set here in the UK that is currently out to producers and I finished making a one hour documentary (fancied something different!) which we are currently trying to sell, with interest from Netflix.


When not writing I'm out exploring London, playing squash or rocking out at a metal concert.


my screenplays

Snatched Away
Red God
Evil's Bane
TV Pilot
Sundial For The Departed
Bottom of the Ladder
TV Pilot
TV Pilot
South Park (The Interviews)

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