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Scott is an award-winning and optioned screenwriter who has an unparalleled desire to bring a fresh and unique voice to the landscape of storytelling. For fifteen years, he has worked to bring the highest quality of storytelling to the screen.


From a young age, Scott had the desire to pursue a career in film. Originally from Colorado, he spent his formative years in Nebraska honing his skills as a storyteller. After graduating from the University of Nebraska, Scott made his first two shorts which appeared in over a dozen film festivals worldwide, including the prestigious Slamdance Film Festival. As a result, the two shorts were acquired for distribution worldwide. While cutting his teeth as a freelance writer for the Omaha weekly newspaper 'The Reader', Scott learned discipline, dependability, and the importance of bringing in projects on a deadline. Meanwhile, Scott has written features and shorts which have placed in various screenplay contests. Scott has many years of TV experience as well, having worked behind the scenes on numerous commercials and movies. He currently develops projects with LA-based company Cinema Revival, Inc., and provides script coverage for YouGoFar Productions out of London.


A well-rounded and dedicated screenwriter, Scott is always looking to push the boundaries of storytelling.

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The Big Wad
TV Pilot
Something Under the Bed
Interoffice Politics

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