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 Angel and Creator

'She writes from her Angels.' 


Surviving many near death seizures as a toddler bringing her connection to create is her biggest asset! Being safely enclosed with her angels, Lori explores and speaks frankly from her #giftspot with her writing.  You are an intellect because you believe in miracles! Come believe in miracles with Lori Jean - a walking angel! Lori will help you find your sweet spot!



'When I write of those not here with us today, I turn to see their angel come to visit me. I became accustomed to this and would smile and look over and always be so sure they would be there. I always look to them now when I write to know I am writing the right thing. 'Lori Jean'



7-time 5-star published author at Barnes and Noble, including her own story of survival of being tragically beaten to a permanent state of neurological damage in 'My Brain Injury', accomplished singer/songwriter and screenwriter exploring emptiness, Lori Finnila, is always open to adaptation and progress with the future. She is eager to share her experiences running as a survivor. A woman yet inside still a little girl, a problem solver yet creator, persevering single mom, she is eager to share her experiences with you in her writing.


Lori hosted her own radio show, Women Empowerment Show, to other women to show them source and light. Through her dramatic works, Lori looks for ways to identify with emptiness. You will find her explorations and her journey in her stories. 



 'One Great Role Model..... Judy Hoberman, Selling In A Skirt

"Lori Jean draws inspiration from her own past trauma as well as from the issues of others, turning them into beautiful music." Kit Bangles, Karly Kingsley, and Zoe Grimm, The Vodka Press



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my screenplays

Isabelle's Eyes-Award Winning True #teenwardabuse
She Finds the Chords Herself movie
Emotionally Disturbed Girl
Pia's Records (Lori Jean's Comical Youth)
#poisonedbymyfriends (True Story - Dark Comedy)