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Erik Adolphson has been a thousand things. He has been a deck hand aboard a clipper ship, raced camels across the Sahara, summited mountain peaks, flown a Russian fighter jet, saved a life, lost and found love, been in a couple of fights and even won one, but all he ever really wanted to do was tell stories.


A writer and film lover from a young age, Erik created an independent films studies course at his high school, a course still offered to students today. In college, he wrote and directed his first short film, the award winning Mourning Toast, which would be featured on the PBS program Independent Lens.


After moving to Los Angeles, Erik found work in unscripted television as a Story Producer, his goal was still the same, find and tell a good story.  His work would lead him to the very unique position as the lead writer and co-star on Next Stop for Charlie, a new and experimental show for Showtime.  Each episode of Next Stop for Charlie was shot in a different country and would follow a loose and improvised storyline written by Erik in real time as the three-man crew traveled the globe.  In the end he would only arrested in three countries and banned for life from one.


After two seasons Next Stop for Charlie was cancelled, and Erik focused again on screenwriting. He wrote his first feature, Lemon Made, a genre mashup inspired by his love of gangster movies like Goodfellas and nostalgic live action kids films like The Sandlot. Lemon Made has found great success on the festival and contest circuit this year. 


As much as Erik enjoys his work in documentary story telling, he is currently a Story Producer on the CNN series “The Eighties,” he is working hard to transition to working exclusively in scripted. 



Erik still only wants the same thing he has ever wanted, to tell great stories.

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