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Timothy M. Benson is an international award-winning screenwriter, who is driven by his innate love and passion for storytelling. His mission as a write original tales of legend, tales of the unimaginable, and tales that showcase the enduring and endearing human spirit. He writes primarily for the animation genre, where anything is possible and where there are no limits to what the mind can reveal. His screenplays are often inspired by everyday childhood experiences and are usually told from a child's point of view. He writes stories that are wholesome, captivating, and truly impactful in meaningful ways.


Tim founded Story Giant Films in 2014 and teamed with a group of liked-minded, award-winning screenwriters to collaborate together and to establish a platform to promote their narrative talents. Since that time, Tim's stories have been well received by today's Film Festival circuit, where he has won over 70 screenwriting awards in 2015/2016.

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