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Daniel P. Douglas is a U.S. Army veteran who has also served as a senior analyst in the U.S. intelligence community. As a writer, Douglas creates epic tales - of the past, present, and future - with the most unlikely of heroes, and calls upon them to join extraordinary and mysterious struggles. His characters' sometimes-reluctant choices and actions put them on a collision course with destiny and reveal unimaginable truths. In every pulse pounding, edge-of-your-seat adventure, survival means confronting personal flaws and doubts, thus forging unexpected fates as inspiring new champions in the eternal battle against evil.

Douglas explores this theme through action/adventure, science fiction, conspiracy, mystery, suspense, and thriller books and screenplays. Born and raised in Southern California, Douglas has also lived in Virginia and Arizona. He now lives in New Mexico with his family, pets, and livestock.

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Richter's War
Richter's War Pilot Episode
TV Pilot
Chasing Redemption

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