Giancarlo Fusi


Short Bios

Born in Santo Domingo, the oldest city in the Western Hemisphere, and raised in New Jersey on a steady diet of American sitcoms and horror movies. Double-majored in motion picture production and psychology at the University of Miami. Moved to Los Angeles on the UCLA Extension Writers' Program Scholarship. Previously a volunteer mentor to L.A. 5th graders in the Young Storyteller's Script-to-Stage program. Worked as a development intern at a literary agency and is pursuing a MFA in Film & TV at Hollywood Center Studios from Mount Saint Mary's University, L.A. Recently completed Graduate TV Writing program at the UCLA Film & Television Summer Institute. And currently is the Director of Student Affairs & Screenplay Programmer for the Glendale International Film Festvial. In his spare time, Giancarlo enjoys binge-watching Netflix and purge-writing TV shows.

my screenplays

Hell Hound - "The Legend of Robert Johnson"
TV Pilot
First of April
Hell to Pay: The Legend of Robert Johnson
Violette Hayes: A True Story