Judy Bednarek


Short Bios

My vision as a screenwriter is to create compelling roles for culturally-diverse actors who are often overlooked in the film industry. Ordinary people who are forced into an extraordinary situation. These stories that not only entertain but also inspire, bestow a life lesson or give a spiritual message.


I began my journey learning the craft of screenwriting about fifteen years ago. I was lucky enough to have my spec script Yellow Eye reviewed by James Byrne, Director of the Screenwriting Program at the Metro State University. He provided recommendations and a rewrite followed.


Chris Turner of Ballistic Films, an ward-winning cinematographer who had worked on The X-Files and SG-1 was just starting up his own production company in Canada. He liked the style of my writing and commissioned a low-budget rewrite of Yellow Eye. Working with him during the development process gave me a valuable insight into the film industry.


My next script, Star Child became a top finalist in the California Film Awards.


I have written four scripts in the mixed genres of; thriller, action, supernatural, sci-fi and historical. I have just completed one short (For All Eternity) and my next project in development is a low-budget, supernatural thriller (Blood in the Earth) that can be filmed in the Midwest.

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