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Born in London, England, raised in Dublin, Ireland and Luxembourg and came of age and still living in Sydney, Australia with my wife and young son. I grew up in a house of books and immersed in cinema.


In cinematic story, my first love was science fiction with a voice. Seeing Tarkovsky's Solaris as a six-year-old flicked something inside. Since then, although experimenting in different genres, I've returned to my first love of science fiction.


And I've got a plan...


I'm combining my genre of passion with an under-served market segment: engaging sci-fi with a voice you can make for a price.


-Compelling stories delivered through rich, realistic characters and dialog - relevant to contemporary society and the timeless human condition.


-Stories offering nuanced nods to those production design traditions which make sci-fi so visually and texturally nourishing and memorable to the audience.


-Less locations, simpler locations. Less reliance on effects or subtle use of them.

But ultimately, just compelling, moving human stories that make the most of the sci-fi genre.


As reference, beyond Tarkovsky's Solaris, I'm inspired in tone by MOON, EX MACHINA, GATTACA and CHILDREN OF MEN.


So, that's my project over the next three years - engaging sci-fi with a voice you can make for a price.

The project's first foray into the world - DISCONN landed me a ISA's 2016 Fast Track Fellowship. I'm working on two follow-up projects. One is DORIAN; a dispassionate medico struggles against the by-product of the advanced technology that saved her life; a sentient entity trying to absorb her identity as it seeks to find a home in the human mind. 


The second is a project in very early development which has garned interest from a production company directly as a result of the ISA Fast Track Fellowship. 

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