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Kentrell Liddell is a primary care physician and is a Board Member of the Crossroads Film Society. As a family medicine physician, she has treated patients from all walks of life, including military veterans. As a board member of a regional film society, she has screened hundreds of films over the past six years for entry into the Crossroads Film Festival held annually in Jackson, Mississippi. Kentrell also volunteers her time and skills to assist with the screenwriting and production of films for various local filmmakers, the most recent being “The Companion”, which is about mental illness, specifically Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and which has already garnered several film festival awards. Furthermore, Kentrell has scouted talent and encouraged young aspiring actors to attend castings for various roles, including the young man chosen to play the butler in The Help, and who has been cast in several feature length movies ever since, and the twin boys who played in James Browns’ biopic, Get on Up!

Kentrell's passion is writing. She is often asked to MC events and to serve as the guest speaker at various events, medical- and non-medical-related. She writes her own speeches and those of others, including political candidates who have gone on to win their bid for whatever position they sought.

Kentrell says, “I want my films to make a positive contribution to society and to the field of filmmaking, specifically about topics that pique social consciousness. I can spot an amazing, life-changing film from a mile away! I want to write amazing, life-changing screenplays – the kind that inspires, transforms, and heals.”

my screenplays

Little Kid, Big Fears
Larry's Boxing Gym
TV Pilot

classes / training

Personally trained by Script Consultant Michael Ray Brown
The Craft Course in Screenwriting
Completed Screenwriting Course by Max Timm

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