Carla Custance


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Carla Custance is a TV, film and literary writer who holds an MFA in

Screenwriting from Spalding University. She also holds a graduate certificate in Comic Scriptwriting from Humber College. She worked as a Senior Scriptwriter at Mind Ninja Studios, where she wrote scripts for the animated preschool series called Scarlet the Artist.


Carla has won numerous awards, such as Best Screenplay at the 2016 Vancouver International Women in Film Festival, the prestigious Praxis Screenwriting Fellowship, and first place in the Spec Scriptacular TV Writing competition two years in a row. Her scripts have also been recognized in other international screenwriting competitions such as the Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting, the Austin Film Festival, and the PAGE Awards Screenwriting Competition. She live in Ottawa, Ontario with her husband and two rescue dogs.

my screenplays

Resurrecting Jane Doe