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I was a storyteller before I could even write. As a child I used to tell my mom stories and have her write them down, and once I learned how to do it on my own, there was no stopping me. Even in my first job mopping floors as a night janitor, I raided printers for sheets of paper and wrote fiction while the floors dried. But it was a creative writing professor who pointed me to screenwriting, claiming that my stories, consisting mainly of action and dialogue, were basically screenplays anyway. I went into UT Austin’s Screenwriting MFA program, spent two sleepless years learning the craft, then packed up for L.A. and interned at Lionsgate as a reader, just in time for the Writers’ Strike. I moved back home, met my brilliant and endlessly supportive wife Mary Kincy Cope, and when she found a job in Austin, I found a writing partner in former classmate Will Zech, and we've been writing ever since. In October 2015 we won first place in the Best Scripted Digital Series category in the Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition, and in April 2016 we won first place in the 1/2 Hour TV Pilot category in the Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition.