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A Creative Writing Graduate from the University of Utah, John caught the theatre bug at a young age and spent decades studying theatre, performing in plays and musicals, and writing lyrics, skits and librettos for various school and community projects across Missouri, Utah and California until the world of computing "lured" him away from the arts for many years.


In 1995, after studying and researching the rare accounts of gay men who survived the Third Reich, John was inspired to write "Dietrich Danzig" which was selected by the Long Beach Playhouse's 2014 New Works Festival and given a full, public reading where it was clear that it should be a motion picture. Since then, the screenplay of "Dietrich Danzig" has garnered many awards and accolades over the past two years, including fellowship winner of the 40th Atlanta Film Festival Screenwriting Competition.


After recently losing his mother to cancer in November 2015, John was compelled to write a second screenplay thats delves into the idea of how we are all "connected" spiritually and that everything in life happens for a reason. A dramedy set in 1989 New York City, in the midst of the AIDS crisis, "Connect," was completed in April of 2016 and has already garnered 8 accolades.


His most recent dramedy "Pride & President," entertaining the premise of the first gay president of the United States, was finished in January 2017 and is now circulating other competitions and festivals.


John is a native Californian, a former New Yorker, who lives in Toronto with his husband, Robert, and his teenage son, Dakota. He is an Associate Member of the Dramatists Guild of America and he currently works for Canada's public broadcasters: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Société Radio-Canada.

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