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BROOKE PURDY has written and directed for companies including Def Comedy Jam and Def Pictures, HBO and Showtime. An NYU film school graduate, Brooke has several produced shorts including her award winning “Against the Wind” which won a lot of festivals but didn’t manage to put a dent in her student loans. After moving to Los Angeles, she worked as a copywriter in radio for fifteen years spearheading campaigns like Pepsi, AT & T, KFC, and Campbell’s Soup. Brooke has optioned several screenplays which allowed her to buy a house in Burbank where, to keep the budget in check, a great deal of Quality Problems will be shot. A successful playwright, Brooke’s plays Blitzkrieg and Plunge both had sell out runs in Los Angeles. Brooke wrote a television pilot for Jamie Kennedy and sold it to Universal T.V. She used the money on gum and hair products. She also won “Hollywood’s Next Success Screenwriting Contest” with a Gilmore Girls spec she wrote. She still has the mug. In her almost nonexistent spare time, she has taught swing dancing, bootcamp, driven in a demolition derby, married her best friend Doug and had two kids Max, 10 and Scout, 7 whom she loves even more than cheese and Toasted Almond Good Humor Bars. One day she hopes to sleep until 10:30a.m. She is currently shopping her new scripts Scattering Rachel and The Last Bookstore.

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Scattering Rachel