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What Makes Heroes So Appealing?

Creative Screenwriting Magazine • January 17, 2021

Heroes are traditionally described as the main character or protagonist of a story. They have the most admirable qualities, they must overcome the greatest hurdles, and their stakes are often a matter of life or death. Most screenwriters are aware...

How Screenwriters Can Successfully Use Voice-over & Narration

Kevin Nelson • January 10, 2021

Voice-over gets a bad rap. To the point of being derided as kryptonite to your screenplay. Use it at your own risk!One of the most exhausted pieces of advice to be spread in Intro to Screenwriting classes everywhere is to never, ever...

What Makes A Character Memorable?

Michael Lee Simpson • December 22, 2020

A white feather floats through the air, drifting high in the afternoon sky. As it drops, fluttering through clouds, “Paramount Pictures Presents” fades in with opening titles—“A Steve Tish/Wendy Finerman...

Applying Symbolism to Your Script

Kevin Nelson • December 15, 2020

We previously discussed why symbols are used in screenwriting. In this follow-up article, Kevin Nelson discusses how to apply your knowledge of symbols to your screenplay.1) GenreGenres rely on conventional narrative elements that invite...

Symbolism In Screenwriting

Kevin Nelson • December 6, 2020

Everyone gets lost sometimes. In order to find our way back from our wanderings, we search for familiar markers, signs, or symbols to guide us where we need to go, whether in our lives or stories.So let’s not search blindly through the forest...

Turbo Charge Your Dialogue

Isa Verified • November 20, 2020

Screenwriters are often told that actions speak louder than words, or the time-honored adage, “show us, don’t tell us.” But carefully constructed dialogue is vital to make your screenplay pop. Dialogue expresses the thoughts of...

What Screenwriters Should Look For In A Mentor

Isa Verified • November 16, 2020

Very few screenwriters became successful on their own. Many sought the guidance and tutelage of more experienced working writers (mentors) to help them get their foot on the rung of the career ladder at some level. There are many reasons...

The Rise Of The Zoom Room. Will TV Writers’ Rooms Survive?

Isa Verified • October 26, 2020

The pandemic has thrown the film and television industries for a loop; an all other industries for that matter. We are all united in our quest to carry on writing television in the age of social distancing. Many showrunners have chosen to go virtual...

“Writing Impactful Jokes For Satire” Says Megan Ganz, TV Comedy Writer.

Brock Swinson • October 14, 2020

“Writing Impactful Jokes For Satire” Says Megan Ganz, TV Comedy Writer On ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ & ‘Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet’: Megan Ganz was introduced to comedy by her...

What Makes A Good Scene In Your Screenplay?

Michael Lee Simpson • September 7, 2020

What Makes A Good Scene In Your Screenplay?  An estimated five hundred thousand feature films are floating around on earth, circulating among us, streaming on Netflix or Hulu, stacked in dated DVD collections, or stored in a basement...

Tell Me A Little. Show Me A Lot.

Michael Lee Simpson • August 3, 2020

A screenplay, or movie script, is more of a format than an art.Good dialogue is individual to each character, but when it’s used as a crutch to explain the plot, the lines become blurred. That’s where an old saying in screenwriting...

Nonlinear Storytelling Techniques

Kevin Nelson • June 25, 2020

Over the course of human history, art has always been reflective of the time in which it was created. Neoclassicism was born from the Age of Enlightenment. Abstract Expressionism exploded onto the scene during the Cold War as a release of social...

Rewrite, Rewrite, Rewrite

Ruth Atkinson • April 27, 2020

Working with writers, both new and experienced, my goal is to help them make their script as strong as possible. This process involves on-going conversations about what works and what doesn’t and invariably results in suggestions designed to...

7 Screenwriting Hacks If You’re Stuck

March 29, 2020

Hands up if you’ve ever been stuck on a scene while writing your screenplay. Come on. Be honest. The scene that causes you to sweat profusely and gives you heart palpitations. (If that happens, walk away from your computer for a while). Every...

Let’s Talk About Subtext In Screenwriting

Mark Sevi • March 21, 2020

Subtext – n.The underlying personality of a dramatic character as implied or indicated by a script or text. An inner world. A place glimpsed peripherally. Overtones.In screenwriting, subtext is implicit (intimated) versus explicit...

“I Want To See Something I Haven’t Seen Or Felt Before” Says Roger Avary

March 12, 2020

Academy Award™-winning Screenwriter Roger Avary graced onto our screens in a big way after co-writing a little indie film called Pulp Fiction with an equally little-known screenwriter Quentin Tarantino. Avary continued his...

But… Do I Really Have to Outline?

Lee Jessup • March 12, 2020

(Hint: It’s a Screenwriting Career Requirement!) Here’s the thing: Over the years I’ve heard every reason why writers hate writing outlines. They kill the magic. They leave no space for discovery. They are too confining. They take...

7 Ways To Check If Your Script is Done

December 15, 2019

You think your script is done? How do writers know when a script is ready for submission? This is a very important question as you might not get a second chance with the right person.If you want to know when your script is ready to submit to a...

The Interactive Future - 5 Tips For Creating Choice-Driven Content

Alon Benari • December 8, 2019

Interactive movies, television, and ads are here to stay. While Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch thrust the medium into the mainstream, storytellers have been creating this type of content for decades. In the...

8 Things to Avoid Writing on the First Page of Your Script

November 19, 2019

Have you looked at the first page of your script lately? Page one is the very first thing a reader will see when they open your script, and often times problems exist immediately and set the story back before it even gets started. I’ve opened...