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Success Doesn't Happen Overnight

Karisa Tate • January 11, 2021

We're only in the second week of the new year and we're already so impressed by what our community of writers has been able to accomplish. If you're looking for success in 2021, don't be discouraged. The below writers didn't find success overnight....

5 Stages of a Screenwriter's Grief

Geoffrey Calhoun • January 10, 2021

Screenplays are our babies and criticism can feel like you're being told your newborn is ugly. Well... maybe it isAlright, so we are still deep into the quarantine I am unshaven, unshowered, living in my boxers and writing my tail off. Suffice it to...

A Little Inspiration to Get You Started in 2021

Karisa Tate • January 4, 2021

Cheers to 2021! A new year means new opportunities :) We are so excited to see where this new year takes the ISA Community and what amazing things together we will accomplish. Even though 2020 was a challenging year (that's an understatement),...

Announcing ISA's Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch in 2021

Karisa Tate January 4, 2021

ISA's Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch in 2021 list has only been live for 72 hours and wow, are we BLOWN away by the responses and industry requests coming our way! Here are a few exciting things that have happened just over the weekend...

What Are Your Real Chances of Success

Corey Mandell • January 4, 2021

Writers know it’s not easy to launch and sustain a career. The odds aren’t necessarily stacked in your favor. But what exactly are your chances of making it?  The answer might surprise you.The first thing we need to know is the size...

“Follow Your Inner Compass” Richard Tanne on ‘Chemical Hearts’

Brock Swinson • January 4, 2021

“Follow Your Inner Compass” Richard Tanne on ‘Chemical Hearts’ & ‘Southside With You’:“I’m one of those lifelong film geeks,” joked writer/director Richard Tanne. “I was one of those kids with a lot of creative energy, but...

Looking Back at the Top 25 of 2020

Karisa Tate • November 30, 2020

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a doozy for everyone, so we're excited for a fresh start in 2021! In anticipation of the new year and the Top 25 of 2021 being announced tomorrow, we're taking a look back at some of our past...

“Take Risks And Do Not Try To Replicate Others’ Styles” ROAR Manager

Creative Screenwriting Magazine • November 30, 2020

“Take Risks And Do Not Try To Replicate Others’ Styles” ROAR Manager Jay Glazer Advises Screenwriters: Jay Glazer is a manager/producer who represents creatives in film, television, & theatre. He worked at Brillstein...

Why Is Your Screenwriting Career Stalling?

Creative Screenwriting Magazine • November 30, 2020

There are screenwriters who make it and screenwriters who don’t. Even aspiring screenwriters who toil for years perfecting their craft aren’t guaranteed a produced credit. Assuming that most writers who have been trying to break in for...

How Screenwriters Should Plan Their Writing Days

Creative Screenwriting Magazine • November 23, 2020

Unless you’re a TV writer working in a highly structured environment in a TV writers’ room, most screenwriters have to create their own work schedules. You may choose to keep regular nine to five, Monday through Friday, office hours to...

Something to be Grateful For

Karisa Tate • November 16, 2020

Thanksgiving is next week and the year 2020 is coming to a close, so we're taking stock of all that we're grateful for! This week, and every week, we're grateful for all you writers who keep honing your craft and continuing to excel. Even if you...

When Is Your Script Ready?

Max Timm November 16, 2020

There is a question I get from nearly every writer I meet. When is my script ready? Before I dive in, though, I’d like to take a little breath and survey the surroundings that have settled thus far.This year has been filled with ups and downs...

“Who Are You? How Do Others See You?” Desa Larkin-Boutte On ‘Zora And Zizi’

Isa Verified • November 16, 2020

Creative Screenwriting Magazine has announced the Grand Prize Winner of our Unique Voices Screenplay Competition. Desa Larkin-Boutte certainly won us over with her unique take on identity and race wrapped in a TV comedy of mistaken identity...

ISAConnect Spotlight

Karisa Tate • November 9, 2020

Today it's about our ISAConnect members. They have been making strides in the writing world and we want to give them a proper shout out.  If you've been thinking about joining ISAConnect, but you're not sure if you want to make the leap, maybe...

5 Ways Screenwriters Can Be More Productive

November 6, 2020

Screenwriting productivity is notoriously difficult to define because being a screenwriter can’t always be measured by the number of pages written. Writers are known for being distracted by “research” on the internet or watching...

Your Voice Matters

Karisa Tate • November 1, 2020

No matter where you're at in the world, your voice and your story matters. Don't ever forget that. :) Words are powerful. They have the ability to bring about change. The below writers shared their unique voices with the world and look at the...

How to be Funny During a Pandemic

Steve Kaplan • October 28, 2020

Mark Twain said that comedy is “tragedy plus time,” but where’s the comedy in the middle of the tragedy? And we’re all familiar with the concept of whistling past the graveyard. But how can you create comedy when you’re...

Shouting From the Rooftops - Another Week of Success

Karisa Tate • October 26, 2020

We continue to be astounded by our ISA writers and the successes they have achieved over the past year. It speaks volumes that they have continued to push forward even with the uncertainty and chaos of these last few months. As always, we are...

2 Shopping Agreements Signed + More Good News

Karisa Tate • October 19, 2020

In many places around the world, the leaves are changing colors, Halloween decorations are popping up on doorsteps, and the smell of fall is in the air. This year is finally starting to wind down. And what a year it has been! Now that we're in the...

We Asked and You Delivered - Success Story RoundUp

Karisa Tate • October 12, 2020

We put a call out for your most recent success stories and wow, were we blown away! Our ISA writers are making moves and we couldn't be more excited. Each time we read a new ISA success story, it just further fuels our mission and...