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“A Masterpiece Stoner Movie” Kevin Smith On ‘Jay & Silent Bob Reboot’

When indie screenwriters are asked to name their most prolific and influential filmmakers, Kevin Patrick Smith undoubtedly places on that list.Back in 1994, the iconic stoner comedy Clerks, set in the convenience store where Smith worked,...
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PitchFesting In 20 Easy Steps

PitchFests are a worldwide, calendar-wide phenomenon. Formats may differ from event to event, country to country, but there are some strategies that you can get started on immediately to assure you are ready to go.WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW1. Finish your...
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One Movie, Three Structures: The Avengers

Whether you are a self-taught writer, in school, or reading books on your own, the structure of a screenplay is critical in the analysis of your professionalism. But which structure is “right?” Which structure should you adhere to in...
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The Five Most Common PitchFest Questions Answered!

PitchFest season has turned into a year-round, worldwide affair. If you have a project and want to network with executives, you can go to LA, New York, Austin, London, Rome, and many other cities all over the globe. If you are preparing for a...
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How To Prepare Your Pitch

I say “Pitching,” and writers groan. I’m no different. As a writer myself, my instinct is to say, “If I could tell you my story in 90 seconds, why would I have told it to you in 90 pages?” But pitching is a necessary...
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