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How Much Creative Risk Should Screenwriters Take?

Alexander Robb • October 18, 2021

The delicate balance between art and commerce is often a factor in every screenwriter’s work. If every screenplay always played it safe, where how would filmmakers like David Lynch, David Cronenberg or Yorgos Lanthimos be? Would The Shape Of...

Persistence And Constant Reinvention Are The Keys To Success

Brock Swinson • October 15, 2021

“Persistence And Constant Reinvention Are The Keys To Success.” Julio Vincent Gambuto & B.R. Uzun Talk ‘Team Marco ‘Filmmakers Julio Vincent Gambuto and B.R. Uzun got tired of trying to set up their film and TV projects...

To Write a Great Script, Focus On Plot Structure Not Plot Points

Scott Mcconnell • October 14, 2021

Structure is one of the most discussed and important words in fiction writing. There are many theories of what exactly structure is. Screenwriting texts and experts, for example, often declare that structure is the proper placement of plot points or...

Young & Hungry - Brian T. Arnold

Brian T. Arnold • October 13, 2021

We spoke with Young & Hungry screenwriter Brian T. Arnold about his screenwriting journey. He grew up in Bluefield, West Virginia and studied Broadcast Journalism at Concord University. In addition to landing him on the Young & Hungry List,...

Jen Grisanti: Why You Need to Write for Yourself and Not for the Market

Brianne Hogan • October 11, 2021

When it comes to sitting down to write a script, so many writers are concerned with what the market wants rather than on the story they want to tell. Obviously, writers want their scripts to sell; however, writing for the market means creating a...

The Jerry Seinfeld Chain

Corey Mandell • October 8, 2021

REPOST: Earlier this month I posted a blog on How to Become a Professional Writer detailing the importance of writing consistently. I’d like to share some specific tools that have helped me and others overcome the self-sabotage,...

“Everything Will Take Longer Than It Should, But It Will Be Worth It.”

Lee Stobby • October 6, 2021

“Everything Will Take Longer Than It Should, But It Will Be Worth It.” Manager Lee Stobby’s Advice To Screenwriters:We interviewed literary manager Lee Stobby. He is a literary manager, producer, and principal of Lee Stobby...

Writer’s Block Has Nothing To Do With Your Writing

Dr. Rachel Ballon • October 4, 2021

Writer’s Block Has Nothing To Do With Your Writing – How Screenwriters Can Work Through It:During a counseling session, a young screenwriting client asked me, “Do you have to psychotic to be a writer?” At first, I thought he...

Dedicated Talent Manager Markus Linecker On Working With His Screenwriter

Markus Linecker • September 30, 2021

“A Negotiated Exchange Of Ideas.” Dedicated Talent Manager Markus Linecker On Working With His Screenwriter Clients:Boasting an impressive array of clients, Markus Linecker, Head Of Film & TV Development at Dedicated Talent...

Two Filmmakers on the Risks and Rewards of Making a DIY Film

Tracy Clark • September 29, 2021

Everything was run like a well-oiled machine; leaving one with the impression that this was not a DIY [Do It Yourself] production team at work. Perched on the camera dolly, with tracks laid neatly and evenly on the pavement. The bubble was dead...

To Create Conflict Use Disguise and Deception

Scott Mcconnell • September 28, 2021

One the most important (and least discussed) ways to create drama in a story is by using disguise and deception. Disguise and deception were central to much of the best plotted literature of the 19th century. Witness their importance to Les...

Externalizing Internal Conflict

Jessica Hinds • September 27, 2021

When I was a kid I thought I had Dissociative Personality Disorder. I always felt like there were three of me; The Innocent Child, The Business Mogul, and the Artistic Genius. I could feel when one of these personalities inside me took...

5 Simple Steps to Nailing Your Screenplay’s Theme

Alex Bloom • September 23, 2021

A script can have wonderful characters, a terrific plot, great scenes, amazing dialogue and perfect structure, but if there is no theme your script will always feel like “something’s missing”. But what...

The Question of Theme

Art Holcomb • September 21, 2021

From academics in film school to producers in Hollywood, ‘Theme’ is a term that gets tossed around a great deal.I’ve heard it used as a label for any myriad of aspects within the narrative structure; anything from plot structure,...

Surprise or Suspense?

James Napoli • September 17, 2021

I had an interesting experience while binge-watching the first two seasons of the beautifully acted and tonally flawless British television series Broadchurch. In an attempt to keep this article spoiler-free, I will simply say that the program,...

Surprise: The Key to a Great Script

Sean A. Mulvilhill • September 16, 2021

I love the film Die Hard. A New York cop’s visit to reconcile with his wife in L.A. is interrupted by a terrorist attack in her company’s building. John McClane, the cop, becomes a one-man wrecking crew in order to save his...

Filmmaker Phil Volken’s Ode To Screenwriters

Phil Volken • September 14, 2021

“Be Savvy, But Follow Your Heart” Filmmaker Phil Volken’s Ode To Screenwriters:We spoke to filmmaker (don’t call him a writer-director) about screenplays and what attracts him to a project. If you don’t find a project...

The Neuroscience of Writers Block

Jessica Hinds • September 13, 2021

The Neuroscience of Writers Block: Why Your Goals Are Hormonally Causing You To FailEver wished your desire to write was as intense and persistent as a heroin addicts desire to get high??Goal setting is one of the most simple yet effective tools to...

Beth Lapides Encourages Writers To Follow Their True Selves

Brianne Hogan • September 10, 2021

“Unboxed Creatix” Beth Lapides Encourages Writers To Follow Their True Selves Despite The Setbacks:Beth Lapides is a hallmark on the female comedy scene. She has graced our screens and stages as she continues to entertain audience across...

Create Your Pitch Part II: Sell, Don’t Tell

Lee Nordling • September 9, 2021

Welcome to the second piece of the pitching pie-that’s-not-in-the-sky.“But I’m still working on the first piece,” you sputter, spraying crumbs.“That’s fine,” I reply, my transparent face-shield in...