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Tracking Your Screenplay Submissions: From Contests to Execs

With the deadlines for The Nicholl, AFF and the TV network fellowships happening pretty much NOW, this seems like as good a time as any to do some much-needed housekeeping and get your submission tracking in order. With that in mind…For many...
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Should Screenwriters Enter Screenwriting Contests?

  There are as many ways to break into screenwriting as there are ways to skin a cat. One of the ways to make it as a screenwriter is to enter reputable screenwriting contests. Careers have been launched as frequently as money wasted in entry...
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Access Screenplay Contest Grand Prize Winner Elizabeth Samaroo

Access Screenplay Contest Grand Prize Winner Elizabeth Samaroo discusses her winning script and the unusual concept that helped it rise to the top.Congratulations to Access Screenplay Contest Grand Prize Winner Elizabeth...
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