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What Are The Biggest Misconceptions About Copyright Protection

One of the biggest misconceptions screenwriters have is regarding the establishment of a copyright in general. Many screenwriters believe that a copyright is solidly created at the moment of inception. However, while it is true that a copyright...
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What Are We Really Selling?

Early in my career, I learned one of the shrewdest questions an entrepreneur can ask themselves, "What are we really selling?" For example:  You are not selling grass seed. You are selling a greener lawn.You are not selling boilers....
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Sundance Or Bust – A Review On One Of The Biggest Festivals For Filmmakers

Park City, Utah is host to the biggest film festival in the United States. In 1978 it was known as the United States Film Festival, then changed its name in 1989 to the Sundance Film Festival. That same year Sundance became synonymous with...
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Subtext: That Passive/Aggressive Friend You Hate, But Can't Drop

On Facebook and a myriad of other places, people put forth various requisites or must haves, do’s and do nots, they claim are needed to write, if not a great screenplay, at least a perfectly serviceable one. One of the most popular ones...
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Tossed Salad, Scrambled Eggs, and the Sundance Film Festival

How can I be expected to get any writing done when there are eleven seasons of Frasier on Netflix? That was my first thought when I sat down to write about my experience winning the 2018 Table Read My Screenplay Competition. Some iteration of...
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