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Six Ways to Improve Your Screenplay

Elan Mastai • May 7, 2021

At some point, all writers get writer’s block. And when you get stuck, it’s natural to reach for something you know has worked before: a cliché.Of course we all want to write the most original, unexpected, vivid version...

Broken Road’s Sean Robins On The Life Of A Creative Executive

Sean Robins • May 6, 2021

Sean Robins, Creative Executive & Producer from Broken Road Productions took some time out to chat about his career.Describe a good and bad day in the life of a creative executive.As a film and TV producer, you come to find that every day...

Story is Story: Art Holcomb on Screenwriting

Brianne Hogan • May 5, 2021

When Art Holcomb was eight years old, his maternal grandmother, a poet, gave him a blank book. It was to encourage him to write out his feelings. She also shared with him books by the greats, like Shakespeare and Cummings. By the time he...

Befriending Writer’s Block

Brock Swinson • May 4, 2021

Philip Ruddy is a depth psychotherapist with a masters degree in Counseling Psychology, who also happens to have fifteen years’ experience working as a writer and producer. As such, he is well-equipped to understand the creative mind, and he...

Billy Mernit on Writing the Romantic Comedy

Brianne Hogan • May 3, 2021

Billy Mernit knows a thing or two about romantic comedies. Actually, he knows seven things about romantic comedies. Those seven things being the essential plot beats of what makes a solid romantic comedy.Once a successful romance novelist who penned...

“Stories are Trances.” Steven Barnes on Screenwriting

Brianne Hogan • April 30, 2021

According to Steven Barnes, screenplays and stories are “like conversations with friends you have yet to meet,” which is a comforting thought to the lonely writer holed up in their apartment, banging out words.A screenwriter and sci-fi...

David Koepp: Writer Not Auteur

Erik Bauer And David Goldsmith • April 29, 2021

Growing up in Pewaukee, WI, Koepp initially pursued acting, but eventually studied screenwriting at UCLA Film School. His first screen credit was Apartment Zero, co-written with brother-in-law Martin Donovan. This Argentinean drama didn’t...

Richard Walter on Static Vs. Dynamic Scene Settings

Richard Walter • April 28, 2021

My sister is an actor. For decades she was best known for her femme fatal role in the first movie ever directed by Clint Eastwood: Play Misty for Me. That led to thirty years of bad girls: Women in Cages, Women in Chains, and...

Calculating Emotions: Elements of Screenwriting

Carla Iacovetti • April 27, 2021

Calculating Emotions: Elements of Screenwriting and Human Behavior:There is nothing like a film that jolts your emotions. Whether you are moved to tears, or nearly fall on the floor laughing, when your reactions to a story are vivid, you will...

Flashbacks and Monologues

James Napoli • April 26, 2021

FlashbacksNothing provokes a more knee-jerk “don’t do it” reaction from screenwriters than the decision to include one or more flashbacks in one’s screenplay. We can, of course, understand this compulsion to remain linear, and the gut...

How Do You Execute Your Screenwriting Voice And What Goes Into Creating..

Alexander Robb • April 23, 2021

How Do You Execute Your Screenwriting Voice And What Goes Into Creating A Style On The Page?In this article, Alexander Robb (Literary manager at Insignia Entertainment) discusses how your voice translates into your unique writing style.I get asked...

Richard Walter on Why There’s No Success Like Failure

Richard Walter • April 21, 2021

When I was invited to join the faculty of the UCLA film school it was technically the late ’70s. Spiritually, however, it was still the ’60s, with its hippie-dippy disregard for accomplishment and achievement.The third worst act a writer...

Brian Herskowitz: A Unified Theory of Screenwriting

Jason Nawara • April 20, 2021

Brian Herskowitz, whose lecture Crafting the Outline for Your Feature Film is available to purchase, and who has recently released one of the most pragmatic books on the craft of screenwriting: Process to Product.Besides writing, producing...

“There is no such thing as an action movie.” Steven E. de Souza

Dan Frazier • April 19, 2021

It’s impossible to imagine Hollywood without a barrage of summer blockbusters, but in 1985 the action genre was defined when a bodybuilder-cum-actor starred in an explosion friendly flick titled Commando. Behind the creative death scenes...

String of Pearls: An Alternative Way to Create a Story

Art Holcomb • April 16, 2021

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist - Pablo PicassoOne common problem I see in my practice is when aspiring screenwriters cannot separate the Creating Process from the Drafting Process.Many beginning...

Meet the Reader: Cameron Cubbison

Brianne Hogan • April 15, 2021

ScreenCraft’s Cameron Cubbison’s love for movies is palpable, to say the least. “I love movies because they’re life without the dullness, anticlimax and disappointment,” he says. “Film as an art form offers the...

Getting the Science Right

Jim Fisher • April 14, 2021

Why should you worry about getting the science right in your next manuscript or screenplay?Seriously, what’s in it for you?He wouldn’t do that, would he?  Would he?  He would?  Yes, he not only would, but has. ...

Brian Herskowitz: A Black Belt in The Film Industry

Jason Nawara • April 13, 2021

Besides writing, producing and directing dozens of projects, from low-budget horror films to network sitcoms, Brian is the leading faculty member for the prestigious Boston University in Los Angeles Writer in Hollywood Program. And in case...

Groundhog Day: Streamlining the Story

James Napoli • April 12, 2021

There are many screenplays available online, but one in particular has some terrific lessons in it regarding the streamlining of a story, and what decisions are made between the page and the screen that can be particularly instructive to...

“95% of scripts are overwritten.” Robert Flaxman on Screenwriting

Matthew Wade Reynolds • April 9, 2021

It’s a situation all too familiar – the hard work of writing the script is done, now for the tricky task of getting it read.Friends and family are too nice. Agents too busy. And producers don’t know what they want until after...