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How to Write a Vomit Draft (And Why It’s So Important)

Angela Bourassa • November 26, 2021

For me – and I think for many writers – the most intimidating part of the writing process is typing the first words of the first draft of a new film or TV script. It’s terrifying. I will procrastinate at that point of the writing...

Find Your Authentic Screenwriting Voice To Make Your Film Script Stand Out

Matthew Kalil • November 25, 2021

A photo recently did the rounds on the online screenwriting community. It depicted piles of screenplays stacked up to the ceiling, dumped in the corner of some bland Hollywood Studio...

Veteran Screenwriter Zak Penn On AR, VR, Gaming & The New Technological Era

Brock Swinson • November 24, 2021

REPOST: We were lucky enough to chat with A-list scribe Zak Penn about storytelling in the rapidly-evolving technological age, how the film industry is evolving and how great things are right now for screenwriters. There are more writing...

Practice Makes Perfect: Another Successful Virtual Pitch Challenge

Caitlin Arcand November 22, 2021

And just like that, another successful Virtual Pitch Challenge is in the books! We had a great evening at our Pitch Panel, where we heard valuable feedback from industry pro panelists Leyla Kader Dahm (Literary Manager at Zero Gravity...

Should I Work For Free?

Seth Godin November 22, 2021

Should you work for free? That depends on what you mean by “work” and by “free.”Work is what you do as a professional, when you make a promise that involves rigor and labor (physical and emotional) and risk. Work is showing...

Keep It Short: Five Lessons For Crafting Short-Form Serialized Content

John Bucher • November 18, 2021

Keep It Short: Five Lessons For Crafting Short-Form Serialized Content (aka Web Series):Many screenwriters restrict themselves to traditional writing platforms such as film and TV. We asked John Bucher about writing web series as an alternative way...

9 Ways To Write Strong Screenplay Hooks

Dan Hoffmann • November 17, 2021

The opening of your screenplay is arguably the most important part. No matter how great your story, if the opening fails to capture the studio reader or producer, the story ends right then and there for you.When I first started as a studio reader,...

Write Screenplays And Worlds That Are Close To You

Alex Creasia • November 16, 2021

Alex Creasia is a Literary Manager and Producer at Pathfinder Media. He represents writers and directors around the globe focusing on all formats of TV, Film, books, podcasts and digital. Recently his company merged with UMedia an international...

The 5 Traits of Successful Writers

Gordy Hoffman • November 15, 2021

Writers want success, but how do you define it? Is it writing enough to pay your bills? Is it writing to find an audience, regardless if you make enough money or not? Maybe you want to be famous or win an Emmy or Oscar. Any writer would probably...

When Flashbacks Attack – Your Guide To Correct Use In Your Screenplay

James Napoli • November 12, 2021

I am a flashback apologist. As readers of one of my previous Creative Screenwriting columns know, I believe it is narrow-minded for screenwriters to reject flashbacks out of hand as a storytelling device. Provided they give the...

5 Reasons Why Your Story Idea Doesn’t Stand Out

Angela Bourassa • November 11, 2021

Christopher Booker has made the claim that there are only seven basic stories that get told over and over again in different ways – overcoming the monster, rags to riches, the quest, voyage and return, rebirth, comedy, and tragedy....

Theresa Bennett Discusses Character, Limited Resources & Social Animals

Theresa Bennett • November 9, 2021

Writer-Director Theresa Bennett Discusses Character, Limited Resources & ‘Social Animals’:Making films is a curious balance of writing an entertaining screenplay and balancing it with whatever resources are available to bring your vision to the...

Let’s Talk About Subtext In Screenwriting

Mark Sevi • November 8, 2021

Subtext – n. The underlying personality of a dramatic character as implied or indicated by a script or text. An inner world. A place glimpsed peripherally. Overtones.In screenwriting, subtext is implicit (intimated) versus explicit...

What's at Stake?

Michael Hauge November 5, 2021

In response to our survey asking about how our followers are using stories, and what challenges you’re encountering, screenwriter Taha Ali asked what it means when “the stakes are high” for a hero. I replied by first...

How to feel miserable as a Screenwriter

Corey Mandell November 1, 2021

1. Remind yourself that successful writers don’t struggle nearly as much as you do.2. Don’t write if you don’t feel like it.  Wait until tomorrow when maybe you’ll feel like it.3. Personalize outcomes.  When anyone...

Meet the Reader: Nicole Saltz

Brianne Hogan • October 28, 2021

Growing up, script consultant Nicole Saltz was more interested in reading books than screenplays. Heavily influenced by her mother, an English teacher, and her maternal grandmother (“A great lover of literature”), young Nicole, a Toronto...

The Producer: Touching Every Part of the Story

Brianne Hogan • October 27, 2021

The relationship between screenwriter and film producer is fundamental to getting a movie made. And few know this better than producer Miriam Segal, founder and managing director of Good Films.Segal, whose father was a writer, was always interested...

From I Love Lucy to The Sopranos

Paul Parcellin • October 26, 2021

The paths writers take toward achieving their career goals are varied, and Terence Winter’s passageway toward television writing included detours into medieval history studies and becoming an attorney—the latter he decided he could do...

Test Your Story Concept

Ruth Atkinson October 25, 2021

REPOST: I recently taught a webinar for The Writers Store on Story Development. In it we talked about the importance of testing your story concept before you end up like Charlie Kaufman in Adaptation lost in a sea of notes and pages with...

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” 7 Tips for Great Dialogue

Jacob N. Stuart • October 22, 2021

Hollywood has a short attention span. Unlike writers, who may have all day to sit and ponder, plotting out their next script, or revising and revising a screenplay until their fingers are numb, the truth is: the people you need to impress with your...