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Carolina Groppa Explains Exactly What Film Producers Do. So Be Nice To Them

Caroline Grappa • June 23, 2022

(REPOST) For as long as the film industry has existed, so have producers. But so has the general public’s confusion about what producers actually do. It’s surprising how poorly it is understood given the importance of this high profile...

Writing The Perfect Hallmark Holiday Romantic Comedy Movie

Mark Sevi • June 20, 2022

Writing The Perfect Hallmark Holiday Romantic Comedy MovieHoliday films screened during major holidays are as sure as horror films screening at Halloween. Mark Sevi spoke with mega-producer Carol Baum about how screenwriters can best position...

When Is Your Script Ready?

Max Timm June 20, 2022

There is a question I get from nearly every writer I meet. When is my script ready? Before I dive in, though, I’d like to take a little breath and survey the surroundings that have settled thus far.This year has been filled with ups and downs...

The End Is Just The Beginning

Ruth Atkinson • June 16, 2022

It’s summer and people across the country are making travel plans. The first thing they do is figure out where they want to go. You can’t plan your trip until you know your final destination, right?Lately when I’ve been working...

“Take Risks And Do Not Try To Replicate Others’ Styles”

Jay Glazer • June 16, 2022

“Take Risks And Do Not Try To Replicate Others’ Styles” ROAR Manager Jay Glazer Advises Screenwriters:Jay Glazer is a manager/producer who represents creatives in film, television, & theatre. He worked at Brillstein...

Why Casablanca Is Considered One Of The Best Films Of All Time

Michael Lee Simpson • June 13, 2022

No one expected it at the time. Casablanca sparkled with Hollywood stars Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, and Paul Henreid, but was predicted to be yet another Warner Bros. war picture. Based on Murray Burnett and Joan Allison’s...

David Lean & Me

Pen Densham • June 13, 2022

For those of you unfamiliar with famed screenwriter, director, and producer David Lean, he is known for epic films including Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Doctor Zhivago (1965) and A Passage to India (1984). Pen Densham...

Reality Check

Dave Trottier June 8, 2022

In working with screenwriters for nearly three decades, I’ve noticed three writing issues that arise over and over again. In each case, a reality check should prove empowering.1. Appearance is importantAfter a tweet that touted my...

Turbo Charge Your Dialogue

J.d Smith • June 8, 2022

Screenwriters are often told that actions speak louder than words, or the time-honored adage, “show us, don’t tell us.” But carefully constructed dialogue is vital to make your screenplay pop. Dialogue expresses the thoughts of...

Meet the Reader: Kate Rocheleau

Brianne Hogan • June 7, 2022

(Repost) Script reader Kate Rocheleau takes you inside the script business To sell a screenplay or a TV pilot, the emerging screenwriter first needs to get it past a reader, like Kate Rocheleau. She is a gatekeeper (well, one of many) who decides...

8 Keys to Writing a Marketable Script

Martin Gomez June 6, 2022

1. ONE GENRE TO RULE THEM ALL I recently sat through a webinar where writers were given the opportunity to pitch their concepts. One lady stuck out to me because she described her project as a suspense, thriller, and comedy, with horror...

A simple 2 x 2 for choices

Seth Godin June 3, 2022

Our life is filled with projects. We invest time, effort or money, and perhaps we get a result.It’s useful to have a portfolio of projects, because not all of them are going to work.The 2 x 2 grid looks like this: It might be simple, but...

PitchFesting In 20 Easy Steps

Bob Schultz June 1, 2022

PitchFests are a worldwide, calendar-wide phenomenon. Formats may differ from event to event, country to country, but there are some strategies that you can get started on immediately to assure you are ready to go.WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW1. Finish your...

What Makes Gangster Stories So Endlessly Fascinating?

Jeff York May 26, 2022

Cinema fans love the genre, going back to the early 1930s when stars like James Cagney (The Public Enemy) and Edward G. Robinson (Little Caesar) made films about the underworld into big (ahem) hits. Since then, almost every movie year has seen a...

13 Must-Watch Movies for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Deep Patel May 26, 2022

Entrepreneurship will make you cry and hope for a happy ending. Just like a good movie.   Many excellent movies have been made about entrepreneurs and the pioneering spirit they embody. These movies can encourage, exhilarate and, of course,...

Pitch with Passion: Another Successful Virtual Pitch Panel

Caitlin Arcand May 24, 2022

Another successful Virtual Pitch Challenge has come and gone, and this season has been one of our best yet! This time around we focused on TV pilots, and set out to discover intriguing and unique show concepts through our TV Pilot Pitch Challenge....

Answer These 3 Questions About Your Screenplay or Pilot

Lee Jessup May 23, 2022

The other day, I met a new writer, who sent me his pilot to read ahead of our session. He was a talented writer, for sure; the world of his show was rich, and his plot well thought out. But it also left a number of questions for me, the sort of...

Common Reasons Why Scripts Get A Pass

Corey Mandell • May 23, 2022

This was posted on Redit by a studio reader after doing coverage analysis on 300 scripts:

The Simple Cure For Writer’s Block

Seth Godin • May 18, 2022

Write People with writer’s block don’t have a problem typing. They have a problem living with bad writing, imperfect writing, writing that might expose something that they fear.The best way to address this isn’t to wait to be...

Just Write The !&*>^% Script Without The Tricks! (Part 2)

Mark Sevi • May 18, 2022

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Narrative Tricks:1) MontagesA montage basically compresses time. That’s why it exists and that’s the only reason it should be put into any script.A character needs to learn a skill like...