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Getting Noticed in Hollywood: Writing the Showcase Short

Ron Suppa • March 4, 2021

Ron Suppa discusses the importance of Short films, and offers crucial advice on how to create them:It’s how Spielberg, Coppola, Lucas and Scorsese got their start. As a producer, I found the first three filmmakers I ever worked with through...

Heart, Mind and Gut: Visceral Storytelling Part II

Michael Welles Schock • March 2, 2021

"Great films do not get by on the visceral alone." Michael Welles Schock concludes his two-part article on Visceral Storytelling:In my previous article Gut Reaction: Visceral Storytelling Part I, I established the cinematic audience’s...

Gut Reaction: Visceral Storytelling Part I

Michael Welles Schock • March 1, 2021

How dramatic films appeal to the primal instincts within us:I know of writers who like to pen very intelligent scripts. These scripts can be clever and witty. They often contain skillful wordplay and philosophical premises. But often, no matter how...

Writers: Know Your Place

James Napoli • February 25, 2021

James Napoli discusses what to do – and what not do to – when setting scenes in your screenplay.EXT. STREET – DAYA car is parked at the curb. Inside, a group of screenwriters wait at the corner of nothing and nowhere, failing to...

Will your script be another Hollywood casualty or does it have a chance

Frank Leroy • February 23, 2021

Will your script be another Hollywood casualty or does it have a chance at life beyond the page?The screenplay is not a completed work even after the writer types the final “FADE OUT.” For the writer’s vision to be fully realized,...


Art Holcomb • February 22, 2021

Art Holcomb's tips for successful collaboration with a writing partner.What do these people have in common?Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel. The Farrelly Brothers. Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio. Joel and Ethan Coen.All are...

When Do Screenwriters Know It’s Time For Representation?

Alexander Robb • February 19, 2021

Literary Manager and producer Alexander Robb from Insignia Entertainment discusses the convoluted path of screenwriters getting a manager.I’m gonna take this from another angle. Some folks out there have a misconception of Hollywood as a...

Creating Believable Characters

Carla Iacovetti • February 17, 2021

Carla Iacovetti explores the importance of good characterization, and discusses the issue with award-winning scriptwriter Glenn Benest.“Structure is very important to a story, but you’re really missing the boat if you think structure is...

5 Ways To Beat Procrastination in Screenwriting

Katie Porter • February 15, 2021

Come on. Screenwriters aren’t always as motivated and focused on their screenplays as they should be. Although it’s fine to take an occasional leave of absence from your keyboard, Creative Screenwriting Magazine’s Katie Porter...

Are Your Scripts Written in Clay or Written in Marble?

Art Holcomb • February 13, 2021

How Art Holcomb's process can make your writing more efficient.'I do think the challenge, in a way for me, is to write a narrative film and when you finish watching it you feel like it’s a collage. You tell the narrative, you tell...

From the Over Describer to the Compulsive Recapper

James Napoli • February 8, 2021

From the Over Describer to the Compulsive Recapper: Eight Screenwriting Screw-ups to Avoid:Many of the most common mistakes found in screenplays are also easy to rectify. So if you are working on a screenplay of your own, make sure that you do not...

The Biggest Tragedy Of All

Corey Mandell February 8, 2021

Why are some writers able to achieve careers while most aren’t?After three decades of research into what separates those who are able to achieve creative success from those who aren’t, Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck believes the...


Ruth Atkinson February 5, 2021

So what’s this thing called marketability and do I need to worry about it as I write?As a script consultant this is a question I’ve been asked by writers many times and it’s a good one. The answer is yes, and um, well,...

Formulaic is Good!

Dennis Magee Fallon February 5, 2021

Screenwriting guru Michael Hauge on the balancing act all commercial screenwriters must perform.Films follow patterns. TV shows have arcs. Narratives have structure. No matter the medium, stories seem to repeat the same beats, framework and through...

The Humility Arc

Michael Welles Schock • January 30, 2021

How fairy tale morality leads to a near-universal rule of screenwriting.“I can’t beat him… I’ve been out there walking around, thinking. I mean, who am I kidding? I’m not even in the guy’s league.” –...

What Can We Learn from Harold Pinter?

Charles Deemer • January 30, 2021

The students who enter my screenwriting classroom at Portland State University bring with them considerable language habits. Some write well, some not so well, but all of them have been taught the principles of “good writing.” It’s a shock,...

What Screenwriter's Can Learn From Galaxy Quest

Dave Trottier January 25, 2021

When asked what my guilty pleasure is in movies, I often respond that I like Galaxy Quest. In my mind, it does a lot of things right, and we screenwriters can learn a thing or two from this fun film.A strong and creative conceptWhat if has-been...

How Do Dual Protagonists Function In Screenwriting?

Kevin Nelson • January 17, 2021

In the dramatic arts, Thespis of Icaria was the first known person to embody a character from a written play before a crowd, thus introducing the protagonist to the world.The protagonist is the main character of the story. They are the central...

Success Doesn't Happen Overnight

Karisa Tate January 11, 2021

We're only in the second week of the new year and we're already so impressed by what our community of writers has been able to accomplish. If you're looking for success in 2021, don't be discouraged. The below writers didn't find success overnight....

5 Stages of a Screenwriter's Grief

Geoffrey Calhoun January 10, 2021

Screenplays are our babies and criticism can feel like you're being told your newborn is ugly. Well... maybe it isAlright, so we are still deep into the quarantine I am unshaven, unshowered, living in my boxers and writing my tail off. Suffice it to...