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What Makes A Good Scene In Your Screenplay?

What Makes A Good Scene In Your Screenplay?  An estimated five hundred thousand feature films are floating around on earth, circulating among us, streaming on Netflix or Hulu, stacked in dated DVD collections, or stored in a basement...
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Tell Me A Little. Show Me A Lot.

A screenplay, or movie script, is more of a format than an art.Good dialogue is individual to each character, but when it’s used as a crutch to explain the plot, the lines become blurred. That’s where an old saying in screenwriting...
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Career Success Comes to Those Who Try The Most Things

When I was 24-years-old after twelve months of working my first sales job I was hand-picked by upper-management to lead a team of experienced sales executives.I was excited about the promotion, but I was also scared. I had a severe speech impediment...
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Jeremy Michael Cohen – Young & Hungry

Our next Young & Hungry screenwriter is Jeremy Michael Cohen. His first feature film as a director, Yinz, is a microbudget feature that will be released in 2018.His 2017 script George is about Hans and Margret Rey, the authors of Curious George,...
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On Writing Child Characters: “Children Don’t Think Like Little Adults”

One of the challenges of writing great characters is getting inside the heads of persons of much different background than yourself. It takes great effort and empathy to understand those of differing gender, age, ethnicity, or orientation in order...
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What's at Stake?

In response to our survey asking about how our followers are using stories, and what challenges you’re encountering, screenwriter Taha Ali asked what it means when “the stakes are high” for a hero. I replied by first...
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