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Sharpen the Screenwriting Craft With Your Voice

“Sharpen the Screenwriting Craft With Your Voice.” ISA’s Craig James On Navigating Your Career Every screenwriter has a story. Every story needs a voice. Screenwriters must keep writing to develop their unique voice in order to...
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What's at Stake?

In response to our survey asking about how our followers are using stories, and what challenges you’re encountering, screenwriter Taha Ali asked what it means when “the stakes are high” for a hero. I replied by first...
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The Simple Strategy Famous Writers Use to Awaken Creativity

A story idea suddenly appears in your head with a complete beginning, middle, and end. You sit down to write, and the words flow freely. It’s as if the story is typing itself.How often do you experience that kind of burst of incredible...
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Tossed Salad, Scrambled Eggs, and the Sundance Film Festival

How can I be expected to get any writing done when there's eleven seasons of Frasier on Netflix? That was my first thought when I sat down to write about my experience winning the 2018 Table Read My Screenplay Competition. Some iteration of...
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No Redford, But Everything Else at Table Read During Sundance Rocked

Robert Redford was supposed to be there. The “Table Read My Screenplay” winner and the TRMS bigwigs were invited to a very small and intimate VIP party Friday night during the first week of the festival. It was so Tony, that the...
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