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ISA Names Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch in 2019

Each year, the International Screenwriters’ Association puts out its elite list of screenwriters to watch and 2019 is packed with twenty-five diverse talents who have gone above and beyond to grow, improve, and get noticed, smashing their...
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Breaking into Screenwriting is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

“I broke in sooooo fast!!!”… Said no writer anywhere ever.Seriously. I mean… in the 90’s, maybe? Back then, it seemed like writers were emerging from complete obscurity to sell a screenplay seemingly overnight (only...
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Here’s What We Found Out About Ageism In Hollywood

Ageism. It’s a thing!  But what does it really mean? Is it simply a matter of screenwriters reaching an expiry date on their fortieth birthday, or is there more to it than that? Creative Screenwriting Magazine spoke with veteran agent...
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What I Learned In 5 Years With Stan Lee

In honor of Captain Marvel coming out this past weekend (go see it, it’s another great Marvel movie!), I figured I’d write a bit about what I learned from the most unexpected business partner I’d ever have: Stan Lee.Now,...
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The Same Answer to 11 Questions

There is one answer I give to a great number of questions I receive from developing screenwriters. Here is that answer:The script (or scripts) you are referring to was developed in the studio system, or was written by an established writer, or was...
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Sharpen the Screenwriting Craft With Your Voice

“Sharpen the Screenwriting Craft With Your Voice.” ISA’s Craig James On Navigating Your Career Every screenwriter has a story. Every story needs a voice. Screenwriters must keep writing to develop their unique voice in order to...
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