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The Power of The Self-Imposed Deadline

With lots of activity around the publication of my new book “Murder Your Darlings: And Other Gentle Writing Advice from Aristotle to Zinsser,” I have been fielding lots of questions about productivity. It often comes in this form:...
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How Comedy Works

So, how exactly does comedy work? First off, let’s differentiate between funny and comic. Funny is whatever makes you laugh. Period. End of story.  When my niece was five, I could shake a set of keys in her face, and dissolve...
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Carolina Groppa Explains Exactly What Film Producers Do. So Be Nice To Them

For as long as the film industry has existed, so have producers. But so has the general public’s confusion about what producers actually do. It’s surprising how poorly it is understood given the importance of this high profile position....
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Building and Revealing Character

Simple but powerful tools for building fascinating characters and revealing their inner truth. I get Dr. Format questions flung at me every day it seems, and many of the questions have nothing to do with formatting.  For example,...
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“What Would Picard Do?” Kirsten Beyer On Co-Creating ‘Star Trek: Picard’

TV writer Kirsten Beyer is considered the knower of all things Star Trek. She seemingly burst onto our screens from writing oblivion to co-create Star Trek: Picard. Kirsten has been busy writing novels in the Star Trek Universe including Voyager and...
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Let’s Talk About Subtext In Screenwriting

Subtext – n.The underlying personality of a dramatic character as implied or indicated by a script or text. An inner world. A place glimpsed peripherally. Overtones.In screenwriting, subtext is implicit (intimated) versus explicit...
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Sundance 2020: ISA’s Table Read My Screenplay Event

At Sundance 2020, I was able to attend the International Screenwriters’ Association’s Table Read My Screenplay event, which allowed the winner of the contest, M Rowan Meyer to watch as his script for a...
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Sharpen the Screenwriting Craft With Your Voice

“Sharpen the Screenwriting Craft With Your Voice.” ISA’s Craig James On Navigating Your Career Every screenwriter has a story. Every story needs a voice. Screenwriters must keep writing to develop their unique voice in order to...
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