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The Single Golden Key Of Success In 2020

Want success in the new year?  Create a Weekly Action Plan of specific steps or actions you will take during the coming week towards achieving your overall goals. Thus, your first step is to make a few goals for the coming year.  Make them specific, perhaps one for each screenwriting endeavor:

1) writing, 2) learning, and 3) selling. 
Like you, I am a writer.  Let's say I want to write a screenplay this year.  That's the goal. I can identify milestones on the way to the goal; for example, research, outline, rough draft, and so on.
On each Sunday (or other day of the week), I will sit down and decide what I will do this week to achieve that action goal. I may commit to a certain amount of time that I will devote during the week towards this goal. It could be Tuesday and Thursday night from 6 to 10, or 15 total hours of writing during the week. 
Would you like to have a handy one-page Weekly Action Plan worksheet from my new 7th edition of The Screenwriter's Bible?  Just email me ( and I will email you a newly-revised Weekly Action Plan worksheet free!
The power comes in making specific commitments and then doing your best during the week to achieve your weekly action goals. Do this every week!  If you don't keep your commitment precisely, don't fret or give up. Focus on your progress, not on perfection. Reward yourself for your accomplishments.
What will you accomplish in this new year?  Use your Weekly Action Plan.  Keep writing, keep learning, and keep selling in 2020!
Dave Trottier - 

DAVE TROTTIER, author of seven books including The Screenwriter’s Bible, has sold or optioned ten screenplays (three produced) and helped hundreds of writers sell their work and break into the biz. He is an award-winning teacher, in-demand script consultant, and friendly host of
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