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Your Voice Matters

No matter where you're at in the world, your voice and your story matters. Don't ever forget that. :)

Words are powerful. They have the ability to bring about change. The below writers shared their unique voices with the world and look at the incredible reception they received!

We ALL need to keep using our voices to make ourselves heard. If you're one of our US writers, we want to remind you that your voice is more important than ever with the upcoming election. You have a chance to use it to make a change and we strongly urge you to do so.

If you want things done differently or you're not happy with the current state of affairs, vote! Even if you think your voice doesn't matter, we're here to remind you that it does. Remember, your VOICE is crucial. It's what makes you, you!

Keep using your voice and sharing your stories with the world, like the below writers. We desperately need to hear them!

Screenwriting Success Stories

Graf Named First Writer In Residence At The UW Institute For Discovery

Screenwriter, Director, and ISA Development Slate Writer, Michael Graf, was named the very first Writer In Residence at the University of Wisconsin's Institute For Discovery as part of their Science To Script program. The program promotes STEM in the arts to encourage young people to pursue science and math related fields.


ISAConnect Writer Jan Tiley's script, THE CREATURE, was optioned and is now in pre-production. It was an official selection at the Feminist Voice Writers Festival, October 2020.


Teenage lovebirds have the power to start a revolution. The concept for ISAConnect Writer, Matthew Sadowski's, WILD GEESE was inspired when a friend of his came out as trans and started transitioning. “It’s just how I was programmed" was her response to the people who were uncomfortable. This metaphor resounded in him and its symbolic connection to computers and technology made an indelible impression. His friend also happens to be a gifted writer and now the two of them are developing it with CBC Gem, working on the bible as we speak. 

Producer Goes Out With BLOOD SUGAR

Producer James Smith is now out with ISA Development Slate Writer, Sam Thompson's, feature BLOOD SUGAR. He will be looking to secure financing, attach talent, and produce the film!


Be sure to share your recent wins with us, big or small! And remember, if you're in the US, go out and USE YOUR VOICE on election day! You can find all your voting information here!

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