Shore Scripts
Discovering New Writing Talent

Shore Scripts was setup to help emerging screenwriters break into the industry.

Producers, production companies and agents won’t read unsolicited material. However, all of the former is needed 99% of the time in order to gain that first credit. So, if they won’t read your work, how do you go about getting anything made! It’s a catch 22 situation.

Shore Scripts is made up of a small number of filmmakers working in the industry, both in the UK and US. Along with our Oscar, Cannes & BAFTA nominated judges, we have strong business relationships within the industry.

What we can ensure is that if a script leaps off the page, asking to be made, we have the means to get it into the hands of the most suited individual or company. There are obviously no guarantees after that point, but it will be out there and stand a chance.

We want to help writers create a career for themselves doing what they love to do!