Mia Terra Retreats
Extraordinary adventures for screenwriters

Life is full of distractions, from electronic devices and kids, to housework and running errands. Oh, and there's that job, the one that robs you of your writing time 40+ hours a week.

I'm Diana Osberg, writer, adventurer, and founder of Mia Terra Retreats. As a screenwriter, I've learned that it's essential to get away from the distractions at least once a year to focus on my writing, find inspiration, interact with a community of like-minded writers and get expert instruction in my craft.  That's why I created Mia Terra Retreats.


I've put together some extraordinary screenwriting retreats with expert writing coaches, designed to inspire you and help you get your writing career on track. Many of these adventures will take you to unfamiliar places, some of them rather exotic and possibly uncomfortable.


As artists, we need to step out of our comfort zone to break up the old patterns that no longer work in our personal and professional lives and to allow ourselves to view the world and our craft through new eyes. Combine this with the help of expert writing coaches and a supportive community of other writers, and you have a recipe to break through roadblocks and push your career forward.


I hope you'll join us on one of our extraordinary adventures. Pack a bag, charge your mobile device, and come along on an adventure that will change your life.