FAST Screenplay
Go beyond the school. Learn screenwriting by DOING -- by taking your idea all the way to the sale.

Welcome to a whole new approach to screenplay development. It's the entire screenplay development process reverse-engineered from the producer's perspective, so that each step guides you directly to the sale.


We've broken the entire process into 7 distinct phases, and then broken each phase into broad "Movements", so you can fly through them intuitively. Each Movement consists of detailed daily action steps -- simply do each step to move through the process.


The first time through, it feels like a screenwriting course, as you learn in astonishing detail absolutely every facet of screenwriting -- the knowledge, skills and actions required to write and sell compelling, original page-turner screenplays the producer can't put down. (Producers don't want more screenplays -- they want screenplays they can use.)


But this is much more than a course. As you develop your skills and make your way through the system, you begin to see how each step snaps together with every other step. As you complete each phase, you can use it -- intuitively -- to rapidly develop and write each new project.


FAST Screenplay is a system of development with in-depth layers that reveal new insights and epiphanies, prompt your creative imagination daily, and keep pushing you forward. Once you learn the system, you'll use the system on every new project -- writing faster and more effectively every time.


And best of all, because it's PROCESS-based, it provides a FRAMEWORK you can use to guide you throughout your career. There are no rigid story formulas that grow stale over time -- you can even invent your own structure or adapt to new writing formats. You can use any ideas, techniques, formulas or tips you learn anywhere else right there inside the system (to amplify the power of their stuff and our system). And you can adapt and modify it to serve your own creative style.


Learn by experience. Learn by doing. Improve EACH day, with EVERY step, on a CLEAR PATH to the sale. Join us today.