Script Fest and The Great American Pitch Fest
Connecting writers with decision makers.

ScriptFest and the Great American PitchFest were created by writers, for writers – just like you.  The event started in Canada with the first Great Canadian PitchFest in 2003.  Thirteen years later, the event has expanded to Los Angeles, California and London, England.  The event has helped thousands of writers from around the globe to connect with industry decision makers.

As writers ourselves, we created an event that we would want to attend and that continues to guide every decision we make.  Every year, our lineup of speakers and guest panelists gets bigger and better.   ScriptFest and The Great American PitchFest are how we are helping writers and industry leaders to connect and share updates and information.  More companies than ever will hear pitches at the 2016 Great American PitchFest.  And once again, there will be pitching on Saturday AND Sunday during the 2016 event.

ScriptFest, the ScriptFest Master Series, and the Great American PitchFest were started as a way to help other writers move their careers forward, and make ‘finding the door’ just a little bit easier.  Writers who attend our event have been hired for writing assignments, signed with agents or managers, and had their screenplays optioned.  This is a business about relationships, and thousands of writers started those relationships and their careers at our events.

ScriptFest and the Great American PitchFest are organized by a group of writers and producers dedicated to helping others to make the connections they need to get their scripts and projects produced. This entire event is yours as much as it is ours, so please share your experiences with us and help to make it the best it can be. If there is a particular company you want to pitch to, let us know and we’ll invite them to attend. If there are classes you would like to take, we’ll add them to our lineup.  Tell us your thoughts and email us at info@scriptfest.com.

We are proud to be the biggest and best event of our kind, providing education services, namely, providing classes in the field of screenwriting and independent filmmaking, and helping to connect writers with producers, agents, managers and production companies who can help to get their projects produced.